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Digital Taskforce members meeting

Digital News and Information Taskforce

At the National Eisteddfod in August 2016, the Assembly's Llywydd, Elin Jones AM, signalled her intention to invite experts from the field of digital communications to form a taskforce to recommend ways in which the Assembly can deliver engaging and accessible news and information about the legislature's work.



Digital Taskforce launches "Creating a Digital Dialogue" report

21 June 2017

The National Assembly must look beyond the fragmented media in Wales to better communicate its work to a wider audience and address the democratic information deficit, according to the Digital Information and News Taskforce report, published today. 

The report encourages the Assembly to lead the way and establish an integrated content service using social media and other channels to engage directly with the people of Wales. It recommends placing people, rather than the institution and its processes at the heart of topical news stories as it looks to build citizen engagement.

Taskforce Chair Leighton Andrews said:

"These are radical proposals to use modern digital communication to better understand what people are thinking and concerned about, to engage in real-time with people and to share with them how their representatives are responding to these issues, and I want to thank the members of the Digital Information and News Taskforce for their work.

"Assembly Members and staff must recognise their role as content creators, and see the Assembly as a content platform which should reflect the nation's conversations about the issues which are of most concern to it."  

Llywydd of the National Assembly for Wales Elin Jones AM said:

"I want to thank the Digital Information and News Taskforce panel for their work.  They have provided us with thought provoking, practical proposals to strengthen the way we communicate as we seek to become an open, digital parliament which engages with all the people of Wales." ​

"We are approaching the twentieth anniversary of the Assembly, which is an opportunity to refresh the way in which the Assembly presents itself and to build a deep and genuine and dialogue with the people of Wales. I look forward to discussing the report, and how we take it forward, with Assembly Commissioners."​

Read the full report:

CREATING A DIGITAL DIALOGUE: How can the National Assembly for Wales use digital to build useful and meaningful citizen engagement?​ (PDF, 3.1MB)

Read the​ full press release


Report launch: Creating a digital dialogue

21 June 2017 | Event

Building useful and meaningful digital engagement between Welsh citizens and the National Assembly for Wales

Over the past nine months the taskforce has been exploring how the latest digital services can help the Assembly to meet the needs of different audiences and customers.  They have reviewed and considered trends in content creation, production and distribution, and have provided an external, expert critique of the Assembly's current and planned future use of platforms such as Senedd TV and the use of video and social.  All with the aim of increasing levels of public understanding and engagement with audiences currently disengaged with politics and Welsh affairs. 

The taskforce have now concluded their work and will be launching their final report on 21 June.​ ​​


Committee Secretariat Network​​

06 April 2017 | News item

Leighton Andrews speaking to the Committee Secretariat NetworkOn 6 April 2017, chair of the Digital News and Information Service Taskforce, Leighton Andrews, presented an overview of the taskforce's work and emerging findings to a meeting of the Committee Secretariat Network. 

The Committee Secretariat Network is an informal group which brings together committee staff of parliaments and assemblies in the UK, the Crown Dependencies and the Republic of Ireland. Meetings are held once or twice per year and provide an opportunity to discuss matters of mutual interest and share best practice.​

The event was attended by Clerks from the House of Commons, Lords, Scottish Parliament, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Jersey, London Assembly and Isle of Man as well as the National Assembly for Wales.

Senedd Lab: creating a digital future for Welsh politics

24 - 25 March 2017 | Event

​In March we hosted Senedd Lab - our first hack day -  to explore how digital innovation could improve the way the Assembly engages with the public.
The free 24 hour event brought together designers, coders and digital specialists to dig deep into our services, content and data, and unlock new ways that it could be used to connect with the people of Wales.

Senedd Lab began informally in the Pierhead on a Friday night for attendees to pitch challenges and form teams. On the second day each group worked on their projects inside the Senedd.

The winning idea started out as a "democracy dashboard", led by the team at Big Lemon Creative. Read more about their experience at Senedd Lab in Owen ​Richards' ​blog​.​



Opening up the Assem​​​​bly...

16 January 2017 | Blog

In September, it will be twenty years since the people of Wales voted, by a small majority, to have their own National Assembly. It’s the only political institution the people of Wales have voted to have. Since it came into being in 1999, the Assembly has grown in power and responsibility. Six years ago, the people of Wales voted overwhelmingly to trust the Assembly with the power to make laws in Wales.

But how aware are people of the work done by the National Assembly as an institution, and its individual Assembly Members?​

Read the blog post in full

Leighton Andrews to head up Digital News and Information Taskforce

04 November 2016 | News Item

Leighton Andrews will chair the Llywydd's Digital News and Information Taskforce.

At the National Eisteddfod in August, the National Assembly's Llywydd, Elin Jones AM, signalled her intention to invite experts from the field of digital communications to form a taskforce to recommend ways in which the Assembly can deliver engaging and accessible news and information about the legislature's work.

Mr Andrews, who was recently appointed to the role of Professor of Practice in Public Service Leadership and Innovation with Cardiff University's Business School, has now agreed to chair the group.

"How do we communicate the work of the National Assembly to a wider audience in Wales?" said Mr Andrews.

"People opt to get their news through a much more diverse series of routes. Some now get their news only from Facebook. More and more people choose to live their lives increasingly through digital and online communities, ignoring traditional media and news channels.

Read the f​ull article


Our digital Future - Llywydd sets up task force to inform Assembly's future digital services

02 August 2016 | News Item

Elin Jones AM at the 2016 EisteddfodThe Llywydd of the National Assembly for Wales, Elin Jones AM, will signal her intention to invite experts from the field of digital communications to form a task force to recommend ways in which the Assembly can deliver engaging and accessible news and information about the legislature’s work.

The Llywydd will discuss her ambition during an “in conversation” event with ITV Wales’s Catrin Haf Jones at the Societies Pavilion, at the National Eisteddfod, on 2 August at 11.00.

"We are witnessing a revolution in people’s expectations about the services provided by news and information sources," the Llywydd said.

Read the full article

Watch the “in conversation with” event online


Llywydd Elin Jones AM 
The Llywydd

The role of Llywydd (Presiding Officer) is the single most important office in the National Assembly for Wales.​​​​ 

Find out more about the role and the Assembly's current Llywydd, Elin Jones AM.

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