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The Commission and Senedd Administration

The corporate body for the Senedd is known as the Senedd Commission. Find out how the Commission is formed and more about the structures and the rules that govern the Senedd.

The Presiding Officer

The role of the Presiding Officer is, among other things, to chair plenary meetings, and determine questions over the interpretation of Standing Orders.

The Commissioners and their role

Find out who the Commissioners are and what they are responsible for.

The Commission and administration explained

The Commission is the corporate body responsible for ensuring that property, staff and services are provided for the Senedd. The Senedd Commission consists of the Presiding Officer and four members from different political parties.



Diversity and Inclusion

The Senedd Commission is committed to valuing diversity, promoting inclusion and addressing inequalities both as an employer and service provider.

International Relations

The Senedd is an example of open participative democracy, and has an active programme of European and international relations.

Work Opportunities

Working for the Senedd, working for a Member of the Senedd and public appointments.



Organisational Structure and Responsibilities

This section details how the teams within the Senedd are structured.

Commission Publications

This section holds agendas and papers for the Commission, including annual reports.


The Senedd aims to be exemplar in sustainability and environmental performance.


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Senedd Elections

View the results of all Senedd elections, including by-elections.

Useful links

Links to other organisations we work with including National Parliaments and Welsh Local Authorities

Access to information

Find out how to ask for Information and what information the Senedd commits to make public as part of its normal business activity.


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