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​Annual reports and diversity data

The Senedd Commission produces an annual report of progress in terms of its work on diversity and inclusion. It also monitors, analyses, and publishes workforce, recruitment and pay diversity data which you can access below. Any patterns, trends or other issues identified within our data sets will help the Senedd Commission to prioritise its work in relation to diversity and inclusion.​

Diversity and Inclusion Annual Report 2019-20

Equal Pay Audit, Gender Pay Gap and Ethnicity Pay Gap Reporting 2020

Workforce and Recruitment Monitoring Information 2019-20


View previous Diversity and Inclusion reports


Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

The Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2016-21 sets out how we intend to realise our Diversity and Inclusion vision.

To accompany our Strategy, we are developing an action plan with teams across our organisation which will align with their service area plans. We are using the results of our consultation and other involvement activities to inform the action plan which will be published here when it is finalised.

Senedd Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2016-21 (PDF, 2.41MB)



Equality Impact Assessments

We undertake equality impact assessments in order to ensure that the policies, practices and services we design are fair and inclusive. This approach also helps us to meet the requirements of the public sector equality duties. We will publish our equality impact assessments here on this page, as and when they become available. They are also active documents subject to ongoing review.

Official Languages Scheme for the Fifth Senedd (PDF, 725KB)

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