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Results of the Assembly reform consultation* 

*This is an archived page. The consultation is now closed. This page contains historic references to the 'Assembly'. On 6 May 2020 the National Assembly for Wales (Assembly) became the Welsh Parliament, to be commonly known as the Senedd. 



In February 2018 the Assembly voted in favour of the Commission’s decision to consult on the recommendations of the Expert Panel on Assembly Electoral Reform, “A Parliament that Works for Wales”, and other potential reforms. 

The public consultation began a conversation with the people and communities of Wales, about how they should be represented and served by their parliament in future. 

To raise awareness of the consultation, engage with the public and stakeholders, and make it as easy as possible for people to respond, we published a range of consultation materials, including an Easy Read consultation document and an accessible microsite. 

We promoted the consultation online, via traditional and social media. We also held a series of public meetings across Wales, providing opportunities for constructive debate and challenge. We also engaged directly with over 400 children and young people.  



In total, we received over 3,200 consultation submissions.

The full findings of the Commission’s public consultation, ‘Creating a Parliament for Wales’, have been published and are available online, along with an Easy Read version and a summary of the main findings which include: 

  • There were over 1,800 responses to questions about the size of the National Assembly, of which a majority thought that the institution needs more Members to carry out its role effectively.  

  • The Single Transferable Vote system was the clear preference of those who responded to questions about how Assembly Members should be elected. It was supported by 54% of those who responded to questions about the systems recommended by the Expert Panel, compared with 17% for Flexible List Proportional Representation and 16% for the Mixed Member Proportional system currently used. 13% of responses did not support any of the three systems put forward by the Expert Panel.  

  • 59%of responses in relation to the minimum voting age for National Assembly elections stated that it should be 16, compared with 39% who said it should be 18 years of age.  

  • The majority of those who responded to a question about whether the same people should be allowed to vote in National Assembly elections and in Local Government elections in Wales either agreed or strongly agreed. 

  • Among those who responded to a question on diversity, there was clear support for the proposal that changes to the electoral system should be used to encourage the election of an Assembly that more accurately reflects the diverse nature of society in Wales. 52% of responses to the separate question on job sharing for Members did not agree that people should be able to stand for election on this basis. 


*This page contains historic references to the 'Assembly'. On 6 May 2020 the National Assembly for Wales (Assembly) became the Welsh Parliament, to be commonly known as the Senedd.

Download the full consultation findings report: Creating a Parliament for Wales: Consultation Report (PDF 1.1MB)

Download the consultation key findings document:  Consultation on Creating a Parliament for Wales: Summary of the main findings (PDF 1.51MB) 

Download the Easy Read consultation report (PDF 1.8MB)



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