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Daily business

Members of the Senedd undertake their tasks of representing Wales and its people, making laws for Wales and holding the Welsh Government to account in a number of ways. These include attending Plenary and sitting on Senedd Committees to scrutinise specific issues.

What is ​Plenary?

Plenary meetings are attended by all Members of the Senedd (MS) and are one of the key mechanisms for MS to hold the Welsh Government and Senedd Commission to account. Find out more about Plenary, the Siambr, and types of Plenary business

What is a c​​ommittee?

Committees in the Senedd carry out many functions. They are the main way of scrutinising the policies of the Welsh Government, holding Ministers to account, and examining proposed legislation in detail.

How can I get ​involved?

  • If you have a specific inquiry or problem, you can contact your AM to see what can be done about it. Find out who your local MS is

  • You can watch the Senedd in Plenary on Senedd TV

  • If a Senedd committee is looking at a subject that you have information or knowledge of, you can submit evidence to support their inquiry

  • You can petition the Senedd to consider any issue that the Senedd has powers over. Find out more about petitions

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