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Sustainability Committee

Inquiry into Biodiversity in Wales

Terms of Reference

The Assembly’s Sustainability Committee is conducting an inquiry into biodiversity in Wales.

The terms of reference for the inquiry are:

Wales has missed both its own and the EU’s biodiversity targets for 2010.

The inquiry aims to stimulate a public debate about the targets by addressing the issues raised by the answers to the question:

Why did Wales fail to achieve the 2010 targets for halting biodiversity loss and what changes of approach are needed to ensure greater progress in the future?

The inquiry will focus on the following areas:

  • What delivery mechanisms were in place to achieve the 2010 targets?

  • Why did these fail to deliver?

  • Is the current approach to dealing with climate change mitigation and adaptation in Wales sufficiently integrated with policies for biodiversity?

  • What examples of good practice are there elsewhere in the UK and internationally that Wales can learn from?

  • What are the implications of emerging international targets for 2020 and beyond?

The Committee would like to call for written evidence for this inquiry outlining your organisations views on the questions above.

Status: Report Published


The Committee issued a written consultation on 22 July 2010.

This closed on 24 September 2010

Consultation Letter

Responses Received


The Committee has taken evidence from a range of witnesses on this issue


The Committee published its report on 31 January 2011 (PDF, 424KB) The Minister's response to the report was published on 16 March 2011 (PDF)

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