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Please note: The following list of pages and documents relating to historical committee business is currently incomplete. We are working to restore all relevant information as soon as possible.


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CA(3)-09-11 Transcript (PDF, 330KB)Constitutional Affairs Committee338944331KB30/03/2011
CA(3)-09-11 : Agenda Constitutional Affairs Committee6656065KB30/03/2011
CA(3)-09-11 : CA578 : The Community Care Services for Carers and Children’s Services (Direct Payments) (Wales) Regulations 2011 Constitutional Affairs Committee7884877KB30/03/2011
CA(3)-09-11 : CA580 : The National Assembly for Wales (Letters Patent) Order 2011 Constitutional Affairs Committee6656065KB30/03/2011
CA(3)-09-11 : Paper 1 : Reporting arrangements for Instruments laid too late to be considered properly by the Committee. Constitutional Affairs Committee6860867KB30/03/2011
CA(3)-09-11 : Concise Report Constitutional Affairs Committee6451263KB30/03/2011
CA(3)-09-11 : Paper 2 : Reporting arrangements for Instruments laid too late to be considered properly by the Committee: List of Instruments Constitutional Affairs Committee6656065KB30/03/2011
BC(3)11-11 : Minutes Business Committee 6758466KB29/03/2011
PET(3)-06-11 Paper to Note P-03-077 Sustrans (PDF, 74.9KB) Petitions Committee7577674KB29/03/2011
PET(3)-06-11 Paper 1 New Petitions and Updates to Previous Petitions (PDF, 9.32MB)Petitions Committee41943044MB29/03/2011
PET(3)-06-11 Transcript (PDF, 363KB)Petitions Committee371712363KB29/03/2011
PET(3)-06-11 : Agenda Petitions Committee6656065KB29/03/2011
PET(3)-06-11 : Minutes Petitions Committee7884877KB29/03/2011
SOC(3)-01-11 Paper 1 Consideration of report by the Commissioner for Standards (PDF, 131KB)Standards of Conduct Committee8601684KB29/03/2011
SOC(3)-01-11 Transcript (PDF, 270KB)Standards of Conduct Committee275456269KB29/03/2011
SOC(3)-01-11 : Agenda Standards of Conduct Committee6451263KB29/03/2011
SOC(3)-01-11 : Concise Minutes Standards of Conduct Committee6553664KB29/03/2011
CC(3)-06-11 Paper 1 Members’ scrutiny of Welsh Government response to Committee’s report on Private Rented Housing Sector (PDF, 96KB)Communities and Culture Committee10485761MB24/03/2011
CC(3)-06-11 Transcript (PDF, 382KB)Communities and Culture Committee390144381KB24/03/2011
CC(3)-06-11 : Agenda Communities and Culture Committee6553664KB24/03/2011
CC(3)-06-11 : Concise Minutes Communities and Culture Committee6758466KB24/03/2011
RDC(3)-05-11 Transcript (PDF, 499KB)Rural Development Sub-Committee509952498KB24/03/2011
RDC(3)-05-11 : Agenda Rural Development Sub-Committee6553664KB24/03/2011
RDC(3)-05-11 : Concise Minutes Rural Development Sub-Committee6656065KB24/03/2011
CA(3)-08-11 Paper 2 The Minister’s response dated 16 December 2009 (PDF, 116KB)Constitutional Affairs Committee117760115KB24/03/2011
CA(3)-08-11 Paper 1 Letter from the Chair to the Minister dated 9 December 2009 (PDF, 53KB)Constitutional Affairs Committee5324852KB24/03/2011
CA(3)-08-11 Transcript (PDF, 287KB)Constitutional Affairs Committee292864286KB24/03/2011
CA(3)-08-11 : Agenda Constitutional Affairs Committee6860867KB24/03/2011
CA(3)-08-11 : CA574: The Education (Free School Lunches) (Prescribed Tax Credits)(Wales)(Amendment) Order 2011 Constitutional Affairs Committee6758466KB24/03/2011
CA(3)-08-11 : Concise Report Constitutional Affairs Committee6451263KB24/03/2011
PAC(3)-05-11 Paper 1 Major transport projects written evidence from the Welsh Government (PDF, 352 KB)Audit Committee360448352KB23/03/2011
PAC(3)-05-11 Paper to note Letter from the Auditor General for Wales to the Chair of the Public Accounts Committee Correspondence from Mr Colman (PDF, 228 KB)Audit Committee233472228KB23/03/2011
PAC(3)-05-11 Paper to note Letter from the Permanent Secretary to the Chair of the Public Accounts Committee Major transport projects (PDF, 127 KB)Audit Committee130048127KB23/03/2011
PAC(3)-05-11 Paper 2 Techniums Letter from the Auditor General for Wales (PDF, 2.89 MB)Audit Committee20971522MB23/03/2011
PAC(3)-05-11 Paper to note Letter from the Minister of State for Policing and Criminal Justice to the Chair of the Public Accounts Committee (PDF, 158 KB)Audit Committee161792158KB23/03/2011
PAC(3)-05-11 Paper to note Letter from Mr Jeremy Colman to the Chair of the Public Accounts Committee (PDF, 1.53 MB)Audit Committee10485761MB23/03/2011
PAC(3)-05-11 Transcript (PDF, 533KB)Audit Committee544768532KB23/03/2011
PAC(3)-05-11 : Agenda Audit Committee6656065KB23/03/2011
PAC(3)-05-11 : Concise minutes Audit Committee6758466KB23/03/2011
BC(3)10-11 : Minutes Business Committee 6860867KB22/03/2011
EUR(3)-05-11 Transcript (PDF, 401KB)European and External Affairs Committee408576399KB22/03/2011
EUR(3)-05-11 Paper 5 Response from President Barroso to CALRE letter on Europe 2020 Strategy (PDF, 42KB)European and External Affairs Committee4198441KB22/03/2011
EUR(3)-05-11 Paper 2 Discussion with Welsh MEPs European Commission Work Programme for 2011 and Legacy issues - Legacy Report (PDF, 161KB)European and External Affairs Committee163840160KB22/03/2011
EUR(3)-05-11 Paper 4 Wales’ Voice in the Debate on Cohesion Policy (PDF, 261KB)European and External Affairs Committee266240260KB22/03/2011
EUR(3)-05-11 Paper 1 Discussion with Welsh MEPs European Commission Work Programme for 2011 and Legacy issues - European Commission Work Programme (PDF, 269KB)European and External Affairs Committee274432268KB22/03/2011
EUR(3)-05-11 Paper 3 The Lisbon Treaty and Subsidiarity Protocol Review of developments - Subsidiarity Monitoring Update (PDF, 95KB)European and External Affairs Committee9830496KB22/03/2011
EUR(3)-05-11 : Agenda European and External Affairs Committee6553664KB22/03/2011
EUR(3)-05-11 : Concise Minutes European and External Affairs Committee6860867KB22/03/2011
SFM(3)-01-11 Paper to Note Correspondence from First Minister (PDF, 97KB)Committee for the Scrutiny of the First Minister9830496KB22/03/2011
SFM(3)-01-11 Paper to Note, Annex A Correspondence from First Minister (PDF, 1.7MB)Committee for the Scrutiny of the First Minister10485761MB22/03/2011

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