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Business Committee

Minutes BC(3)10-11

Date: Tuesday 22 March 2011
Time: 08.30
Venue: Meeting Room 4th Floor, Corporate Unit

Assembly Members in Attendance

Dafydd Elis-Thomas, Presiding Officer (Chair)
Jane Hutt, Minister for Business and Budget
Nick Ramsay, Welsh Conservatives Business Manager
Peter Black, Welsh Liberal Democrats Business Manager
Jocelyn Davies, Plaid Cymru Business Manager

Officials in Attendance

Adrian Crompton, Director of Assembly Business
Marion Stapleton, Assembly Business and Legislation Management Division
Aled Eirug, Constitutional Consultant
Sian Wilkins, Head of Legislation and Chamber Services
Sulafa Halstead, Head of Assembly Committees
Anna Daniel, Clerk of the Business Committee

1. Apologies & announcements

2. Minutes of the previous meeting

BC(3)09-11 (draft minutes) – Tuesday 15 March 2011

2.1 The minutes were presented to the Committee in their draft format.  As there were no comments, they would be translated in readiness for publication.

Action: Business Committee Secretariat

3. Forthcoming Business

This Week's Business - BC(3)10-11(p1)

3.1 The Minister for Business announced that the following item on Tuesday would be issued as a written statement:

  • Statement by the Minister for Heritage: Library Strategy (30 mins)

3.2 The Committee agreed that the motion to annul the Badger (Control Area) (Wales) Order 2011 on Wednesday would be allocated an indicative timing of 60 minutes.

3.3 The Committee agreed that time allocated to the three committee debates scheduled on Wednesday would be reduced, from 60, to 50 minutes each.

3.4 The Committee agreed that Voting Time would take place no earlier than 5.00pm on Tuesday and Wednesday.

3.5 The Committee noted the organisation of business for 22 and 23 March 2011.

3.6 The Committee noted that all votes in relation to the Safety on Learner Transport Measure and the proposed Housing Measure would be taken during Stage 3 and 4 proceedings.

3 Week Timetable of Government Business - BC(3)10-11(p2)

3.7 The Committee noted the 3 Week Timetable of Government Business.

3 Week Timetable of Assembly and Non-Government Business - BC(3)10-11(p3)

3.8 The Committee determined the organisation of Assembly Business.

3.9 The Committee determined the organisation of non-government Business.

4. Other Business

(i) Post Election Tabling: Early Business Arrangements – BC(3)10-11(p4)

4.1 Business Managers considered tabling arrangements immediately following the Assembly General Election. The Committee agreed the following arrangements:

  • Table Office will open for written questions, motions, statements of opinion, registration of interests and laid documents from Monday 9 May 2011;

  • All written questions tabled to the Government following the election will be tabled for answer by the First Minister until the Welsh Ministers are appointed; and

  • The deadline for answering written questions will be five working days after they have been tabled.

5. Committees

(i) Constitutional Affairs Committ


ee: Request to Change Date of Scheduled Meeting – BC(3)10-11(p5)

5.1 The Business Committee agreed a request from the Constitutional Affairs Committee to hold its meeting scheduled for Thursday 31 March 2011 on Wednesday 30 March instead.


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