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Petitions Committee

Agenda (PET(3)-06-11)  

Date: 29 March 2011
Time: 09.00-09.45
Venue: Committee Room 1

1. Introduction, Apologies and Substitutions (9.00 – 9.05)

2. Updates to previous petitions (09.05 – 09.45)

  1. P-03-136 Parking in Heath and Birchgrove

  2. P-03-143 Ysgol Penmaes

  3. P-03-150 National Cancer Standards

  4. P-03-162 Road Safety in Llanspyddid

  5. P-03-170 Mencap Cymru

  6. P-03-187 Abolish the Severn Bridge Toll

  7. P-03-204 Public Accountability and Consultation in HE

  8. P-03-221 Improved NHS Chiropody Treatment

  9. P-03-238 Pollution of the Burry Inlet

  10. P-03-240 Improvements to the A40 at Llanddewi Velfrey

  11. P-03-241 Llanelli Star - Save our Sewers

  12. P-03-256 Additional Trains to Fishguard

  13. P-03-260 Campaign for Dark Skies

  14. P-03-261 Local Solutions to Newtown Traffic Congestion

  15. P-03-262 Wales Peace Institute

  16. P-03-265 Include leaving home information and education in the National Curriculum

  17. P-03-271 Business Rates in Narberth / P-03-286 Ceredigion Business Rates

  18. P-03-273 Transportation of wind turbines in Mid Wales

  19. P-03-280 Cardiff Royal Infirmary

  20. P-03-281 More staff for A&E Departments

  21. P-03-285 Oppose the badger cull

  22. P-03-292 Public Toilet Provision

  23. P-03-294 Wales Women's National Coalition

  24. P-03-301 Equality for the transgender community

  25. P-03-302 Compost Processing Plant

  26. P-03-303 Against Homophobic Bullying

  27. P-03-308 Save Gwent Theatre / P-03-311 Spectacle Theatre / P-03-314 Save Theatre Powys and Mid Powys Youth Theatre

  28. P-03-310 Policies to Protect pupils needs and rights

  29. P-03-313 The Animal Welfare (Breeding of Dogs)(Wales) Reg 2011

  30. P-03-315 New Dyfi River Crossing

  31. P-03-316 School crossing patrols

Paper to note:

  1. P-03-077 SUSTRANS: Call on the Welsh Assembly Government to develop and maintain a network of traffic free shared use paths

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