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​Member Attendance

The Senedd does not hold overarching records of the attendance of Members at Plenary. You can however view the ‘Votes and Proceedings’ for individual Plenary meetings on our website. This provides a summary of the business conducted at each Plenary, and also a ‘Votes Summary’, which indicates when any individual Member was present for voting, even if they did not speak in Plenary. A non-vote does not necessarily indicate non-attendance.

This information can be found in the Plenary section of the website. Choose the date you wish to view, and then select ‘Votes Summary’.

Committee meeting attendance is captured in a similar way. By viewing the list of Committees you can select a particular committee (e.g. Children, Young People and Education Committee) and then select an individual meeting where- under the title of the committee- ‘Attendance Details’ are available for that individual meeting.

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