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Committee Details

Senedd Commission Audit and Risk Assurance Committee

Committee Details

The Senedd Commission Audit and Risk Assurance Committee acts in an advisory capacity and has no executive powers. The Terms of Reference are  consistent with Treasury guidance and are reviewed by the Committee from time to time. The Terms of Reference for the Audit and Risk Assurance Committee say:

The role of the Committee is to provide advice, challenge and support to the Chief Executive and Clerk of the Senedd in respect of her Accounting Officer responsibilities, as well as providing assurance to the Commission. These responsibilities include a requirement to ensure that public money is spent in a regular and proper manner and that value for money is secured in the use of resources. The Accounting Officer is also required to ensure that sound corporate governance arrangements are in place and that effective internal controls are operating to ensure that risks are properly identified and managed.

In fulfilling its role, the Audit and Risk Assurance Committee examines and provides assurance on:

·         the annual report and accounts;

·         the planned activity and results of internal and external audit;

·         the adequacy of the management response to issues identified by internal and external audit;

·         the Commission’s corporate governance and risk management arrangements including the Governance Statement; and

·         counter-fraud policies, whistle-blowing processes, and arrangements for special investigations.

Additional Documents

·         Annual Reports

·         Forward Work Programme

·         Internal Audit Plan


Contact information

Clerk: Clerk: Kathryn Hughes. Deputy Clerk: Buddug Saer

Postal address:
Welsh Parliament
Cardiff Bay
CF99 1SN

Phone: 0300 200 6565




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