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Committee Details

Standards of Conduct Committee

Committee Details


·         Decisions on future Committee meetings and business will be taken in due course. Information will be provided via the Committee’s webpage.

·         The Committee has started to take evidence on its Review into the Code of Conduct.

Last updated: 3 June 2020



The Committee was established on 28 June 2016 to carry out the functions of the responsible committee set out in Standing Order 22. These include:

·         the investigation of complaints referred to it by the Standards Commissioner;

·         consideration of any matters of principle relating to the conduct of Members;

·         arrangements for the Register of Members’ interests and other relevant public records determined by Standing Orders.


Documents relevant to the work of the Committee

·         Code of Conduct for Members of the Senedd and associated documents

The purpose of the Code of Conduct (May 2016) is to provide guidance for all Members of the Senedd on the standards of conduct expected of them in the discharge of their Senedd and public duties, and to provide the openness and accountability necessary to reinforce public confidence in the way in which Members of the Senedd perform their Senedd and public duties. Along with the Code, there are a number of associated documents to assist Members in the discharge of their duties.

·         Dignity and Respect Policy

The National Assembly for Wales adopted a dignity and respect policy and associated guidance on 16 May 2018.

·         The National Assembly for Wales Commissioner for Standards Measure 2009

The Measure enables the Senedd to appoint a Commissioner for Standards, who is an independent person appointed to provide advice and assistance on any matters of principle relating to the conduct of Members of the Senedd.



·         View meeting transcripts after 1 November 2017

·         View meeting transcripts prior to 31 October 2017


Current Work

·         Creating the Right Culture: Dignity and Respect Policy


Commissioner for Standards

The Senedd Commissioner for Standards is an independent person appointed by the Senedd to provide advice and assistance on any matters of principle relating to the conduct of Members of the Senedd. The National Assembly for Wales approved the appointment of Douglas Bain CBE TD as acting Commissioner of Standards on 13 November 2019.

Work Completed by the Standards of Conduct Committee

·         Reports

·         Inquiries


Jayne Bryant AMAndrew RT Davies AM

Alternate Members

Under Standing Order 22.4A, the Senedd must elect an alternate member from the same political group for each member of the responsible committee, for the purposes of Standing Order 22.5.

Standing Order 22.5 states that where a member of the responsible committee is subject to, or otherwise directly connected with, a complaint under Standing Order 22.2(i), he or she may take no part in any consideration if the complaint by the responsible committee. In such circumstances and in relation solely to the consideration of the complaint received, that member may be replaced by his or her alternate member elected in accordance with Standing Order 22.4A. the alternate member may participate in the meetings of the responsible committee to consider the complaint as if he or she were a member of it.

The alternate members are:

·         John Griffiths MS for Jayne Bryant MS

·         Darren Millar MS for Andrew RT Davies MS

·         Llyr Gruffydd MS for Rhun ap Iorwerth MS

·         Caroline Jones MS for David J Rowlands MS

The Committee agreed (6 November 2018) that Andrew RT Davies MS be elected to act as temporary Chair in accordance with paragraph 10.2 of the complaints procedure.


Contact information

Clerk: Meriel Singleton.

Postal address:
Welsh Parliament
Cardiff Bay
CF99 1SN

Phone: 0300 200 6565




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