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Committee Details

Llywydd’s Committee

Committee Details


The Committee published its report on ‘Scrutiny of the Electoral Commission’s financial estimate for 2021-22 and five-year plan for 2020-21 to 2024-25’ on 20 November 2020


Motions to establish the Llywydd’s Committee and amend Standing Orders on the Oversight of the Electoral Commission were agreed by the Senedd on 23 September 2020



The Committee was established to scrutinise financial estimates and plans submitted by the Electoral Commission in discharging their functions relating to devolved Welsh elections and devolved Welsh referendums.


Every year, the Electoral Commission must submit to the committee an estimate of income and expenditure relating to devolved Welsh elections and referendums no later than six months before the financial year to which they relate.


Section 28 of the Senedd and Elections (Wales) Act 2020 sets out that, in Wales, the scrutiny of the Electoral Commission will be carried out by a committee of the Senedd. This committee will be called the Llywydd’s Committee.


As well as estimates of income and expenditure, the Electoral Commission must periodically submit to the committee a plan that sets out its aims, objectives and estimated budget for its functions relating to devolved Welsh elections and devolved Welsh referendums in the ensuing five-year period.


Following its scrutiny of the Electoral Commission’s estimates and plans, the Committee must lay those estimates and plans before the Senedd, either as received from the Electoral Commission or with modifications.



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Clerk: Huw Gapper.

Postal address:
Welsh Parliament
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