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Advanced Senedd committee business search.


Promoted by the Senedd Commission, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff CF99 1SN.


You can use this search to look through all documents relating to Plenary or any Plenary-related business. For help with how to use this search (including a brief description of all available categories) please visit the search guidance page.


Laid Documents key: CR – Committee Report; GEN - General; LCM – Legislative Consent Motion; SICM – Statutory Instrument Consent Motion; PRI – Primary Legislation; SUB – Subordinate Legislation; AGR – Auditor General Reports; LCO – Legislative Competence Orders. 




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OPIN-2016-0381 Muscular Dystrophy UK – Swansea branch Statements of Opinion7782476KB11/03/2016
OPIN-2016-0380 Designating Gwynedd's slate areas as a World Heritage Site Statements of Opinion7782476KB24/02/2016
OPIN-2016-0379 Lloyd George Museum Statements of Opinion7680075KB15/02/2016
OPIN-2016-0378 Migrant camps in northern France Statements of Opinion7782476KB10/02/2016
OPIN-2016-0376 Open Cast Mine Restoration Statements of Opinion7680075KB02/02/2016
OPIN-2016-0375 Bite the Ballot Statements of Opinion7782476KB27/01/2016
OPIN-2016-0373 Cervical Cancer Prevention Week Statements of Opinion7782476KB26/01/2016
OPIN-2016-0374 Persecution of Yazidi People Statements of Opinion7884877KB26/01/2016
OPIN-2016-0372 National Football Museum for Wrexham Statements of Opinion7782476KB19/01/2016
OPIN-2016-0371 Raif Badawi - Sakharov Prize For Freedom of Thought Statements of Opinion7782476KB14/01/2016
OPIN-2015-0370 HS2 Barnett Consequential Statements of Opinion7680075KB09/12/2015
OPIN-2015-0369 Crohn's and Colitis UK Awareness Week 2016 Statements of Opinion7782476KB01/12/2015
OPIN-2015-0368 Rail electrification to Swansea Statements of Opinion7680075KB26/11/2015
OPIN-2015-0365 - Improving access to Palliative Care Statements of Opinion7782476KB25/11/2015
OPIN-2015-0366 HMRC Offices in Wales Statements of Opinion7782476KB19/11/2015
OPIN-2013-0367 Non-binary gender recognition on passports Statements of Opinion7782476KB19/11/2015
OPIN-2015-0364 Improving experiences and outcomes for learners with dyslexia Statements of Opinion7782476KB17/11/2015
OPIN-2015-0362 International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women Statements of Opinion7782476KB16/11/2015
OPIN-2015-0363 The terrorist attacks in Paris Statements of Opinion7782476KB16/11/2015
OPIN-2013-0361 Tampon tax Statements of Opinion7782476KB10/11/2015
OPIN-2015-0360 Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month Statements of Opinion7782476KB26/10/2015
OPIN-2015-0359 Freedom to change religion or belief Statements of Opinion7782476KB21/10/2015
OPIN-2015-0358 Anti-Slavery Day 2015 Statements of Opinion7782476KB14/10/2015
OPIN-2013-0357 Congratulating Wales's national football team Statements of Opinion7680075KB12/10/2015
OPIN-2013-0356 Reducing Tax on Tourism Statements of Opinion7987278KB08/10/2015
OPIN-2013-0355 Better Jobs, Closer to Home Statements of Opinion7680075KB05/10/2015
OPIN-2015-0352 Centenary of the death of Keir Hardie MP Statements of Opinion7680075KB25/09/2015
OPIN-2013-0353 International Day of Older Persons - 1 October Statements of Opinion7782476KB25/09/2015
OPIN-2013-0351 Court closures Statements of Opinion7577674KB17/07/2015
OPIN-2013-0350 Carbon-neutral homes Statements of Opinion7680075KB14/07/2015
OPIN-2013-0349 10th Anniversary of Bangor North West Cancer Research Institute Statements of Opinion7680075KB10/07/2015
OPIN-2013-0345 Historic and cultural importance of Garth Celyn Statements of Opinion7782476KB12/06/2015
OPIN-2013-0347 Pardon of Richard Lewis Statements of Opinion7782476KB04/06/2015
OPIN-2013-0348 Cardiff Lions Rugby Team Statements of Opinion7680075KB04/06/2015
OPIN-2015-0345 Radio Beca Statements of Opinion7680075KB03/06/2015
OPIN-2015-0344 Dyfed-Powys Police Helicopter Statements of Opinion7782476KB29/05/2015
OPIN-2015-0343 Teacher workload Statements of Opinion7680075KB22/05/2015
OPIN-2013-0342 Support the Evening Post Anti-Bullying Campaign #hearmyvoice Statements of Opinion7577674KB21/05/2015
OPIN-2013-0340 World Inflammatory Bowel Disease Day 2015 Statements of Opinion7782476KB18/05/2015
OPIN-2013-0341 EU Referendum Statements of Opinion7782476KB18/05/2015
OPIN-2013-0339 Human Rights Act Statements of Opinion7884877KB12/05/2015
OPIN-2013-0338 Nepal Earthquake Statements of Opinion7782476KB06/05/2015
OPIN-2013-0337 Assets of Community Value Statements of Opinion7782476KB05/05/2015
OPIN-2015-0336 Redesign of the BBC News website Statements of Opinion7782476KB24/03/2015
OPIN-2015-0335 Use of the Assembly Estate by Creative Industries Statements of Opinion7782476KB13/03/2015
OPIN-2015-0334 Changes at Big Pit National Coal Museum Statements of Opinion7884877KB10/03/2015
OPIN-2015-0333 Veterans' NHS Wales Funding Statements of Opinion7680075KB09/03/2015
OPIN-2015-0332 Police Helicopter Cuts Statements of Opinion7782476KB23/02/2015
OPIN-2015-0331 Cystic Fibrosis Trust Campaign: 'One size doesn’t fit all!' Statements of Opinion7884877KB12/02/2015
OPIN-2015-0330 Safer Internet Day 2015 Statements of Opinion7782476KB10/02/2015

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