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Atebion i Gwestiynau nas cyrhaeddwyd yn y Cyfarfod Llawn Answers to Questions not reached in Plenary

Cyhoeddir atebion yn yr iaith y'u darparwyd, gyda chyfieithiad Saesneg o atebion yn y Gymraeg.
Answers are published in the language in which they are provided, with a translation into English of responses provided in Welsh.

[R] yn nodi bod yr Aelod wedi datgan buddiant.
[R]signifies that the Member has declared an interest.

[W]yn nodi bod y cwestiwn wedi'i gyflwyno yn Gymraeg.
[W]signifies that the question was tabled in Welsh.

Cwestiynau i'r Gweinidog Iechyd a Gwasanaethau CymdeithasolDarpariaeth Ôl-16
Questions to the Minister for Health and Social ServicesPost-16 Provision
9. A wnaiff y Gweinidog roi'r wybodaeth ddiweddaraf am amserlenni mewn perthynas â darpariaeth ôl-16 yn Nhorfaen? OAQ(4)0645(ESK)
9. Will the Minster provide an update on timescales in relation to post-16 provision in Torfaen? OAQ(4)0645(ESK)
Julie JamesBywgraffiadBiographyY Dirprwy Weinidog Sgiliau a Thechnoleg / The Deputy Minister for Skills and Technology
Torfaen local authority recently submitted a strategic outline case for post-16 provision. As discussed in our meeting yesterday, I was pleased to approve the further development of the case by Torfaen, and I expect them to carefully consider comments made during the assessment process before submitting a detailed business case.
Profiad Gwaith Disgyblion Ysgol
School Pupil Work Experience
10. A wnaiff y Gweinidog roi manylion yr hyn y mae Llywodraeth Cymru yn ei wneud i hwyluso profiad gwaith effeithiol i ddisgyblion ysgol? OAQ(4)0636(ESK)
10. Will the Minister detail what the Welsh Government is doing to facilitate effective work experience for school pupils? OAQ(4)0636(ESK)
Schools are responsible for work experience under the careers and the world of work curriculum framework. We are refreshing guidance to schools on roles and responsibilities for delivering this aspect of the curriculum, and recently launched Business Class, a project to facilitate stronger and more sustainable partnerships between secondary schools and businesses.
Dyddiadau Derbyn i Ysgolion Cynradd
Primary School Admission Dates
Russell GeorgeBywgraffiadBiography
11. A wnaiff y Gweinidog ddatganiad am y newidiadau arfaethedig i ddyddiadau derbyn i ysgolion cynradd yng nghanolbarth Cymru? OAQ(4)0640(ESK)
11. Will the Minister make a statement on proposed changes to primary school admission dates in mid Wales? OAQ(4)0640(ESK)
This is a matter for Powys. Local authorities wishing to make changes in admission arrangements for schools must adhere to the School Standards and Framework Act 1998 and carry out consultation well in advance of changes taking effect. If families will be affected, parents can expect to be consulted.
Absenoldeb Athrawon
Teacher Absence
12. A wnaiff y Gweinidog ddatganiad am absenoldeb athrawon? OAQ(4)0642(ESK)[W]
12. Will the Minister make a statement on teacher absence? OAQ(4)0642(ESK)[W]
Rydym ni'n ceisio lleihau maint y cyfnodau o absenoldeb salwch sy’n cael eu cymryd gan athrawon. Er bod y ffigurau'n dangos gostyngiad ers 2010, mae'n fater y mae angen ei wella ymhellach. Cafodd canllawiau eu cyhoeddi'n ddiweddar, sy'n amlinellu rolau a chyfrifoldebau ysgolion, yr awdurdodau lleol a'r consortia o ran monitro cyfnodau o absenoldeb salwch, er mwyn mynd i'r afael â'r mater hwn yn uniongyrchol.
We are working to reduce the amount of sick leave taken by teachers, and, although figures show a decrease since 2010, further improvement is needed. We have recently published guidance outlining the roles and responsibilities of schools, local authorities and consortia in monitoring sickness absence to directly address this issue.
Y Cwricwlwm Newydd
The New Curriculum
13. A wnaiff y Gweinidog ddatganiad am y cwricwlwm newydd arfaethedig yng Nghymru? OAQ(4)0644(ESK)
13. Will the Minister make a statement on the forthcoming new curriculum in Wales? OAQ(4)0644(ESK)
‘A curriculum for Wales—a curriculum for life’, my plan for taking forward Professor Donaldson’s recommendations in ‘Successful Futures’, was published on 22 October. It sets out the timeline and steps we will take to build our new national curriculum for Wales in partnership with the profession and wider stakeholders.
Cwestiynau i'r Gweinidog Addysg a SgiliauGwasanaethau Iechyd Trawsffiniol
Questions to the Minister for Education and SkillsCross-border Health Services
Kirsty WilliamsBywgraffiadBiography
7. A wnaiff y Gweinidog ddatganiad am wasanaethau iechyd trawsffiniol? OAQ(4)0650(HSS)
7. Will the Minister make a statement on cross-border health services? OAQ(4)0650(HSS)
Mark DrakefordBywgraffiadBiographyY Gweinidog Iechyd a Gwasanaethau Cymdeithasol / The Minister for Health and Social Services
Patients flow across administrative boundaries every day in Wales and England. Local health boards in Wales work with clinical commissioning groups in England to ensure the provision of high-quality healthcare for their local populations.
Amddiffyn rhag Ffliw
Protection from Flu
8. A wnaiff y Gweinidog roi'r wybodaeth ddiweddaraf am y gwaith sy'n cael ei wneud gan Lywodraeth Cymru i amddiffyn plant ifanc rhag ffliw y gaeaf hwn? OAQ(4)0648(HSS)
8. Will the Minister provide an update on the work being done by the Welsh Government to protect young children from flu this winter? OAQ(4)0648(HSS)
Mark DrakefordBywgraffiadBiography
The flu vaccination programme for children has been extended this year and now includes all children aged between two and six years. I urge all parents to take up the offer of the free flu vaccine to protect their children, and the wider community, from the effects of flu.
Mynediad at Feddygon Teulu (Canol De Cymru)
Access to GPs (South Wales Central)
Andrew R.T. DaviesBywgraffiadBiography
9. Pa gamau y mae Llywodraeth Cymru yn eu cymryd i wella mynediad trigolion yng Nghanol De Cymru at feddygon teulu? OAQ(4)0643(HSS)
9. What measures is the Welsh Government taking to improve access to GPs for residents across South Wales Central? OAQ(4)0643(HSS)
Mark DrakefordBywgraffiadBiography
Access to GP services continues to improve across Wales, including South Wales Central. Health boards are implementing the national primary care plan, which sets out a series of practical action for improvement, backed by £40 million investment in primary care.
Gwasanaethau Iechyd yng Ngogledd Cymru
Health Services in North Wales
Janet Finch-SaundersBywgraffiadBiography
10. A wnaiff y Gweinidog ddatganiad am wasanaethau iechyd yng ngogledd Cymru? OAQ(4)0654(HSS)
10. Will the Minister make a statement on health services in north Wales? OAQ(4)0654(HSS)
Vaughan GethingBywgraffiadBiographyY Dirprwy Weinidog Iechyd / The Deputy Minister for Health
These remain challenging times for the health service in north Wales, but we must not lose sight of the fact that every day more than 0.5 million people receive high-quality care. The safety and quality of services with good outcomes for patients and service users has always been the top priority for the health board and, indeed, the overwhelming experience of patients is of receiving high-quality, compassionate care.
Blaenoriaethau ar gyfer y Gwasanaeth Iechyd (Ceredigion)
Health Service Priorities (Ceredigion)
11. Beth yw blaenoriaethau Llywodraeth Cymru ar gyfer y gwasanaeth iechyd yng Ngheredigion? OAQ(4)0653(HSS)[W]
11. What are the Welsh Government's priorities for the health service in Ceredigion? OAQ(4)0653(HSS)[W]
Mark DrakefordBywgraffiadBiography
Mae ein blaenoriaethau ar gyfer y gwasanaeth iechyd yng Ngheredigion yn union yr un fath â’n blaenoriaethau ar gyfer Cymru gyfan—hynny yw, sicrhau gofal a chanlyniadau o ansawdd uchel i bobl Cymru gan ddefnyddio ein hadnoddau mor effeithiol â phosibl.
Our priorities for the health service in Ceredigion are the same as those for the whole of Wales—that is to secure good-quality care and outcomes for the people of Wales using our resources to best effect.
Canser Pancreatig
Pancreatic Cancer
12. Pa gamau y bydd Llywodraeth Cymru yn eu cymryd i fynd i'r afael â chanser pancreatig yng Nghymru cyn etholiad nesaf y Cynulliad? OAQ(4)0649(HSS)
12. What action will the Welsh Government take to tackle pancreatic cancer in Wales before the next Assembly election? OAQ(4)0649(HSS)
Mark DrakefordBywgraffiadBiography
We note the calls for action outlined in Pancreatic Cancer UK’s manifesto 2015. These correlate with the themes of our cancer deliver plan. Our focus is on achieving the ambitions of the plan.
Strategaeth Awtistiaeth
The Autism Strategy
13. A wnaiff y Gweinidog roi'r wybodaeth ddiweddaraf am strategaeth awtistiaeth Llywodraeth Cymru? OAQ(4)0646(HSS)
13. Will the Minister provide an update on the Welsh Government's autism strategy? OAQ(4)0646(HSS)
Mark DrakefordBywgraffiadBiography
Since 2008, the autistic spectrum disorder strategic action plan has provided over £12 million for the provision of autism services in Wales. We are working with an ASD stakeholder advisory group on refreshing the strategy, which will go out for consultation in the spring.
Amseroedd Aros Ysbytai (De-ddwyrain Cymru)
Hospital Waiting Times (South-east Wales)
14. A wnaiff y Gweinidog ddatganiad am amseroedd aros ysbytai yn ne-ddwyrain Cymru? OAQ(4)0651(HSS)
14. Will the Minister make a statement on hospital waiting times in south-east Wales? OAQ(4)0651(HSS)
Mark DrakefordBywgraffiadBiography
I am disappointed with the number of people waiting over 36 weeks across Wales, not just in south-east Wales. I have made my expectations clear to all health boards that I expect to see improvements in waiting times before the end of March.
Amseroedd Aros (Canol De Cymru)
Waiting Times (South Wales Central)
Andrew R.T. DaviesBywgraffiadBiography
15. Pa gamau y mae Llywodraeth Cymru yn eu cymryd i wella amseroedd aros ar gyfer triniaeth yng Nghanol De Cymru? OAQ(4)0642(HSS)
15. What measures is the Welsh Government taking to improve treatment waiting times across South Wales Central? OAQ(4)0642(HSS)
Mark DrakefordBywgraffiadBiography
Through the development of their three-year integrated medium-term plans, health boards have provided detailed capacity and demand profiles. We are monitoring progress on a regular basis and I have made it clear that I expect to see improvements by the end of March.
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