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Published 01/09/2020   |   Last Updated 27/01/2022   |   Reading Time minutes

The Record of Proceedings is a substantially verbatim transcript of the proceedings of the Senedd's Plenary meetings. It records what was said as well as what was decided.​​

The Record of Proceedings is similar to Hansard at Westminster or official reports published by other legislatures in the UK, but the Senedd's Record is bilingual.

​The Record can be used by anyone who wants to find out what has gone on in the Senedd. For example, it shows how your local Member voted on an issue, and what they said on a particular matter.  ​

Equally, it allows politicians, lawyers and the media to determine the exact intention of legislation passed by the Senedd.

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Publishing process


Transcripts of Plenary meetings are initially published in the language spoken with a transcription of the simultaneous interpretation where Welsh is spoken. A draft version is published on a rolling basis and it starts to appear about an hour after the start of Plenary. It is updated every quarter of an hour. 

The Record of Proceedings itself is published online within 24 hours and includes links to the full voting results, to Members’ biographies and to Senedd TV.  There is also functionality to share individual contributions from Members on social media and options to copy as plain text for ease of printing. 

The fully bilingual final version, with all contributions given in both languages, is published within three working days. Answers to Oral Questions not reached in Plenary meetings are published within 24 hours. ​



Transcripts of committee meetings are made available in draft form within three to five working days, with a final version published within 10 working days. 

Committee transcripts include the Welsh to English interpretation broadcast during the meeting, but English contributions are not translated into Welsh. ​

​​Using the Record of Proceedings ​

​The online Record of Proceedings is fully searchable by keyword, shareable and available in a number of formats.

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​If you are new to using the Record of Proceedings please see our guidance for terminology used, our section on Plenary and our guide to Senedd committees. ​

If you are a developer looking to use the XML version of the Record of Proceedings please see our guide to using Senedd information​.