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Plenary is the meeting of the whole Senedd which takes place in the Siambr, the Senedd’s debating chamber. Plenary is chaired by the Presiding Officer and is the main forum for Members of the Senedd to carry out their roles as democratically elected representatives.

These roles are to represent the interests of Wales and its people, to make laws for Wales, agrees Welsh taxes and to hold the Welsh Government to account. They do this through questions to Ministers, debates and voting on issues affecting everyday life in Wales.

​Plenary takes place twice a week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and is open to the public to come and watch. The Record of Proceedings, a transcript of all Plenary meetings, is available and fully searchable on our business search. You can also watch Plenary meetings live or watch past meetings on demand on Senedd TV.

​For a useful introduction Plenary procedures, download our Guide to Plenary (PDF, 364kb). You can read more about the types of business, the organisation of business and the rules Members of the Senedd must follow here.

Find the in​formation you need:


Agendas and Minutes

Find the latest agendas for Plenary meetings and minutes of past meetings as soon as they become available. Draft agendas are published one week in advance.

Business Statements and Announcements

Business Statements and Announcements provide a longer term view of what will discussed in Plenary over the next three weeks.​

The Record of Proceedings

Every word spoken and every decision taken in the Siambr is recorded and is published on our website within 24 hours. A draft version is also available during meetings, updated every 15 minutes.​


Motions and Amendments

A motion is a proposal made for the purpose of obtaining a decision from the Senedd. Except where Standing Orders provide otherwise, Members may propose amendments to any motion.​

Oral Questions

Oral Questions are tabled each week to be answered in Plenary by the First Minister; and every four weeks for answer by Welsh Ministers, Deputy Ministers, the Counsel General and the Senedd Commission.

Topical Questions

Members may ask Topical Questions to a member of the government if the Presiding Officer is satisfied that the question relates to a matter of national, regional or local significance where an expedited response is desirable.


Written Questions

Members of the Senedd can table written questions. Answers to written questions are sent directly to the  Member and subsequently published in the Senedd’s official Record.

Emergency Questions

Members may ask Emergency Oral Questions which are taken without notice. Emergency Questions may only be asked if the matter is judged by the Presiding Officer to be of urgent national significance.

Questions​ not reached

If all the questions tabled for Plenary are not answered within the allotted time, the remaining questions are answered in writing and published as Questions not Reached (QNR).​



Short Debates

Short Debates are based on a topic rather than a motion and do not require the Senedd vote. Any Member outside of the Government can be selected to put forward a topic in a ballot held by the Presiding Officer.

Research Service blog

Our Research Service publishes& blogs in advance about Government, Committee Report and Bill debates providing up to the minute context and analysis. Subscribe to recieve updates.

Conduct, rules and guidance

The rules outlining how Senedd proceedings should be conducted and how Members of the Senedd should behave in the Siambr are known as the “Standing Orders”.


​Experience Plenary and ​keep up with the latest:

Book a seat at the Senedd.

There's nothing quite like watching Plenary in person at the Senedd. Places in the viewing gallery can be booked up to three weeks in advance and pre-booking is advisable.

Watch Senedd TV

Senedd TV offers live coverage of every Plenary meeting and an archive of past meetings. You can also shared and embed customised video clips.

Follow the Siambr on Twitter

If you're on Twitter you can follow our official @SeneddChamber account where our team will keep you updated with what is happening every Tuesday and Wednesday.



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