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Senedd Research

Senedd Research is an expert, impartial and confidential research and information service designed to meet the needs of Members of the Senedd and their staff. We have a substantial knowledge of policy in Wales and an unrivalled expertise in understanding the information needs of Members.


You can search for our research briefings by category, by date range or by entering a keyword into the search term box. You can view our briefings and additional topical articles on our blog, In Brief, which you can also sign up to for regular alerts to our publications. Our briefings are primarily aimed at Members, but may also be of interest to external stakeholders. On 6 May 2020, the National Assembly for Wales became the Welsh Parliament, to be commonly known as Senedd. As a result, our publications reflect the change of name, referring to the institution as the 'Assembly' in a historic context (prior to 6 May 2020) and 'Senedd' thereafter.

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SFM-engAssembly, Governance and Constitution337920330KB22/10/2020
Bil Cwricwlwm ac Asesu (Cymru) Geirfa Ddwyieithog: Awst 2020 - Curriculum and Assessment (Wales) Bill: Bilingual Glossary: August 2020 Assembly, Governance and Constitution7987278KB04/08/2020
Bill Summary: Curriculum and Assessment (Wales) Bill: August 2020Assembly, Governance and Constitution748544731KB04/08/2020
The Senedd and Administrative Justice (Part 1): Public Administration, Rights, Principles and Administrative Law: July 2020Assembly, Governance and Constitution314368307KB30/07/2020
The Senedd and Administrative Justice (Part 2): Constituency Work, Redress Design and Oversight: July 2020Assembly, Governance and Constitution466944456KB30/07/2020
internal market and international obligations: Overviewinternal market and international obligations: OverviewAssembly, Governance and Constitution288768282KB20/07/2020
SFM-engAssembly, Governance and Constitution521216509KB03/07/2020
Local Government and Elections (Wales) Bill - Bill SummaryAssembly, Governance and Constitution521216509KB23/03/2020
Bil Llywodraeth Leol ac Etholiadau (Cymru) - Geirfa - Local Government and Elections (Wales) Bill - GlossaryAssembly, Governance and Constitution8294481KB23/03/2020
Brexit and the Prorogation of the UK ParliamentAssembly, Governance and Constitution624640610KB04/09/2019
Senedd and Elections (Wales) BillAssembly, Governance and Constitution10485761MB09/07/2019
20 years as a devolved nation - how has Wales changed?Assembly, Governance and Constitution83886088MB16/05/2019
Negotiations on the UK’s withdrawal from the EU: Brexit Monitoring ReportAssembly, Governance and Constitution10485761MB12/04/2019
Legislation (Wales) BillAssembly, Governance and Constitution586752573KB01/04/2019
Geirfa Ddwyieithog: Bil Deddfwriaeth (Cymru) - Bilingual Glossary: Legislation (Wales) BillAssembly, Governance and Constitution8499283KB01/04/2019
Geirfa Ddwyieithog: Bil Senedd ac Etholiadau - Bilingual Glossary: Senedd and Elections (Wales) BillAssembly, Governance and Constitution9728095KB11/03/2019
Trade BillAssembly, Governance and Constitution10485761MB11/03/2019
An Overview of REF Impact Case Studies that refer to Engagement with the AssemblyAssembly, Governance and Constitution10485761MB18/12/2018
Public Services Ombudsman (Wales) BillAssembly, Governance and Constitution10485761MB16/03/2018
The Counsel GeneralAssembly, Governance and Constitution10485761MB12/03/2018
The First Minister and Cabinet Members Assembly, Governance and Constitution10485761MB09/03/2018
Bill Summary: Law Derived from the European Union (Wales) BillAssembly, Governance and Constitution10485761MB07/03/2018
Assembly Acts and the Legislative ProcessAssembly, Governance and Constitution10485761MB07/03/2018
Presiding Officer and Deputy Presiding Officer Assembly, Governance and Constitution10485761MB28/02/2018
The Assembly CommissionAssembly, Governance and Constitution20971522MB15/02/2018
Emergency Bills Assembly, Governance and Constitution10485761MB01/02/2018
By-elections to the AssemblyAssembly, Governance and Constitution10485761MB12/12/2017
Land Transaction Tax and Anti-avoidance of Devolved Taxes Act 2017Assembly, Governance and Constitution20971522MB12/09/2017
Trade Union (Wales) Act 2017Assembly, Governance and Constitution10403841016KB08/09/2017
Trade Union (Wales) Bill - Bill SummaryAssembly, Governance and Constitution442368432KB07/07/2017
The Queen’s Speech 2017Assembly, Governance and Constitution905216884KB05/07/2017
The Wales Bill 2016Assembly, Governance and Constitution905216884KB28/11/2016
The Wales Bill: Reserved Matters and their effect on the Assembly’s legislative competenceAssembly, Governance and Constitution873472853KB06/09/2016
The Queen's SpeechAssembly, Governance and Constitution866304846KB05/07/2016
2016 Assembly Election ResultsAssembly, Governance and Constitution20971522MB17/06/2016
Summary of primary legislation and associated statutory instruments made in the Fourth AssemblyAssembly, Governance and Constitution841728822KB01/06/2016
The Queen’s SpeechAssembly, Governance and Constitution867328847KB26/05/2016
Key Issues for the Fifth AssemblyAssembly, Governance and Constitution1572864015MB12/05/2016
Tax Collection and Management (Wales) Bill - Bill SummaryAssembly, Governance and Constitution907264886KB23/09/2015
The Queen's Speech 2015 - Research PaperAssembly, Governance and Constitution831488812KB16/06/2015
General Election 2015: MPs in Wales Assembly, Governance and Constitution10485761MB15/05/2015
Local Government (Wales) BillAssembly, Governance and Constitution313344306KB26/02/2015
Welsh Glossary: Local Government (Wales) Bill - (Only Available in Welsh)Assembly, Governance and Constitution306176299KB06/02/2015
Welsh Glossary - Qualifications Wales Bill (Only Available in Welsh)Assembly, Governance and Constitution153600150KB09/12/2014
Welsh Glossary - The Financial Education and Inclusion (Wales) Bill (Only Available in Welsh)Assembly, Governance and Constitution172032168KB16/09/2014
Bill Summary, Gender-based Violence, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (Wales) Bill - Bill SummaryAssembly, Governance and Constitution303104296KB20/08/2014
The Welsh Government’s Legislative Programme: 2014 update - Research PaperAssembly, Governance and Constitution515072503KB31/07/2014
Housing (Wales) Bill: Summary of Changes at Stage 2 - Bill Summary PaperAssembly, Governance and Constitution173056169KB24/06/2014
Emergency Bills June 2013 - Quick GuideAssembly, Governance and Constitution187392183KB17/06/2014
The Queen's Speech 2014 - Research PaperAssembly, Governance and Constitution387072378KB10/06/2014

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