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Academic Engagement with the Senedd


Wales has world-class research, knowledge and expertise in its universities and academia. With four universities ranked in the top-500 in the world, Wales has one of the highest concentrations of top ranked universities both in terms of population and GDP per capita.

For more information see the Learned Society of Wales/Times Higher Education publication Wales and the World (PDF 3.25MB).

The Senedd already benefits from academic expertise. Making greater use of this expertise to support the policy and legislative scrutiny work of the Senedd will help to deliver the Commission’s strategic goals of providing outstanding parliamentary support and engaging with all the people of Wales. The Commission’s strategy for 2016-2021 (PDF 1.33MB) includes a specific commitment to ‘leverage external expertise where necessary'.

The Wales Act 2017 gives the Senedd more powers and responsibilities, whilst the UK’s decision to leave the EU will increase the complexity of policy and legislation that the Senedd will have to deal with.  Better access to academic expertise is helping to meet these challenges and improve the Senedd’s scrutiny of Welsh Government policy and legislative proposals.

Key academic engagement initiatives

**COVID-19 Register of Experts**

We wish to establish a register of experts to enable Senedd staff quick access to academic researchers who can provide expert insights relating to both the COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts, with a particular focus on Wales.

If you feel you have any expertise relating to the COVID-19 outbreak or its impacts on Wales, we would be very grateful if you would sign up to our Register

Please see the links below to the registration form and the privacy notice. The information you provide on this form may also be shared with Welsh Government officials to assist them in their work combating the virus.

Please email the completed form to

Given the urgent nature of this issue we would be grateful for a prompt response.

Please sign up by 8 May 2020


The Senedd has a number of new academic engagement initiatives and is developing some existing ones.

Our other initiatives include includes:

The Senedd has established a ‘pool’ of experts that can provide research and briefing services related to the UK’s decision to leave the European Union (Brexit and associated matters).

Research and information services within the Senedd are provided by Senedd Research, the Senedd research service. However, on occasion, there is a need for specialised briefing or advice to complement the services provided by Senedd Research. Senedd Committees may also identify specific issues where additional expertise is needed. The Brexit Framework allows the Senedd to enter into individual ‘call-off’ contracts with the pool of experts as the need for research and briefing arises.

The following work has been published under the Brexit Framework agreement:

Previously, we also jointly organised the Exchanging Ideas Seminar Series.

Read the Campaign for Social Sciences Guide to Pathways to Impact in Wales

Academic Research and the Senedd
Research Excellence Framework
The Academic Fellowship Scheme
Exchanging Ideas Seminar Series
UKRI PhD student Placements
Knowledge Exchange



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