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​​​​​​Welsh Government Budget 2018-19

Draft Budget | Final Budget​​

Draft Budget 2018-19​​

On 03 October 2017 the Welsh Government published their outline draft budget 2018-19 which sets out the high level Government's spending, taxation and borrowing plans for the coming financial year. Finance Committee scrutinise this budget over the following 8 weeks. A more detailed draft budget was published on 24 October. Other committees scrutinise this budget for the next five weeks.

Draft Budget Timetable 2018-19 

This budget timetable outlines the scrutiny of the draft budget 2018-19.


Ways to explore the budget

The Research Service has put together several ways to view the draft budget for 2018-19, including an interactive tool which shows revenue and capital allocations to the Welsh Government and its associated departments and agencies, such as health boards or local authorities. There are detailed budget tables which show the year on year and real term changes for all levels of the budget, and infographics concentrating on the headline figures.

Interactive tool

Use this tool to explore the proposed budget at different levels, for example by portfolio down to Budget Expenditure Line, the most detailed level.

Headline figures

Infographic showing the headline DEL figures from the draft budget 2018-19, showing changes from the first supplementary budget 2017-18.

Change between budgets

Changes between the revenue Departmental Expenditure Limits (DEL) in the draft budget 2018-19 from the first supplementary budget 2017-18.

Detailed Draft Budget 2018-19 tables

Tables showing the amount allocated to each Main Expenditure Group (MEG) with year on year and real term changes.

Local Government Provisional Settlement

Infographic showing the percentage change in the provisional distribution of public funds to the 22 Welsh local authorities.

Finance Committee Budget Scrutiny

Link to Finance Committee scrutiny of the budget, exploring financial readiness for the 2018-19 year.


Welsh Government Documents

Welsh Government Draft Budget 2018-19
Information on the Welsh Government's spending plans for 2018-19.

Local Government Settlement 



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