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​Searching ​the Senedd website

Our website houses information, documents and transcripts from the First Assembly in 1999 to the present day. If you are new to the site or looking for something specific that you currently cannot find, this section can help you find what you need.

To learn more about the terminology used by the Senedd please see our Glossary and A-Z. To learn more about Senedd open data please see our guidance within our open data section​.

Finding yo​​​ur Member of the Senedd


The Member of the Senedd Search allows you to find your MS by postcode, Region or Constituency name. Profiles of Members of the Senedd contain contact details, a short biography, membership details of committees and cross-party groups as well as links to the contributions they have made.

Gene​​ral site search

The Senedd's primary search can be accessed from the top right hand corner. This search can provide top level results of webpages from any area of the site as well as most Senedd Business sources such as formal Documents Laid, Committee Papers, and Transcripts – both historic and current.

The Record – Searchi​​ng Senedd Business

The Record allows you to search across the Senedd’s official Record of Proceedings, the written transcripts of everything said in the Chamber and Committee Rooms as well other connected items of Senedd Business. This search only contains Plenary information from the start of the Fifth Assembly (May 2016) and Committee information from November 2017 onwards.

Information currently included in The Record:

  • Transcripts – Transcripts are the entire written record provided for Plenary and for Committee Meeting. Plenary transcripts are published in draft format an hour after the start of Plenary, updated every quarter of hours. The finalised version is published within 24 hours. Transcripts of Committee meetings are published in draft form within 3-5 working days.

  • Oral Questions – Questions tabled by Members of the Senedd with the intention that they should be given an oral answer in the Senedd during designated Question Time in Plenary meetings.

  • Written Question and answers - Members of the Senedd can table written questions for a Welsh Government Cabinet Secretary, Minister or the Counsel General, on matters relating to his or her responsibilities. They can also write questions to the Senedd Commission on matters relating to the Commission’s responsibilities. Answers to written questions are sent directly to the Member of the Senedd and subsequently published in the Senedd’s official Record.

  • Motions and Amendments - Business in Plenary meetings must proceed on the basis of motions, except in certain specified circumstances. Amendments may be tabled to motions to either modify it or to present a different proposition as an alternative to the original motion.

  • Topical Questions - Members may ask Topical Questions to a member of the government if the Presiding Officer is satisfied that the question relates to a matter of national, regional or local significance where an expedited response is desirable.

  • Speeches – If you are looking for a specific speech made by a Member of the Senedd you can search for using filters, keywords and date range rather than searching transcripts as a whole

  • Statements of Opinion - Statements of Opinion are a mechanism for Members to draw attention to issues of concern or highlight achievements outside of Plenary by putting their views on a subject on record and canvassing support from other Members.

  • Questions not reached (QNR) – If all the questions tabled for Plenary are not answered within the allotted time, the remaining questions are answered in writing and published as Questions not Reached.

To learn more about Plenary and Assembly Committees please see our Assembly Business section.

Searching for documents, pap​​ers and reports

The document, papers and reports search contains all documents formally laid before the Assembly since it first sat in 1999. This search can also be used to find Business Statements and Deposited Papers for the entire time period. This search can be used to find Written Questions, Written Statements, Motions and Amendments to Motions prior to the release of the new Record search in November 2017.

Comm​​ittee Papers Search

Papers for Committees from the Fourth Assembly onwards (March 2011 - ) can be found in the Committee Papers Search. If you know the committee that considered the Paper or a date range then this information can be combined to refine the search results.

H​istoric Search

The Historic Committee Advanced Search allows users to search through Papers for Assembly Committees from the First to Third Assembly (May 1999 to March 2011).
Whilst the Category box may be greyed out at first use there is a list of Historic categories available. These categories can be added to the parameters in the URL in order to further restrict the search to information from a particular historic committee along with the date and keyword searches presented on the page. E.g. for Papers of the Communities and Culture Committee in 2010 the URL would be:

Still can’t find what you need?

Contact us and let us know what you need to find. If the information is available we will endeavour to provide it for you.

We are continually working to make our website more open and accessible. We appreciate any feedback you can give us on what you need to find and how quickly you were able to find it.

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