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​Assembly ​RSS Fee​ds

RSS is a type of web feed which allows users to access updates to online content in a standardised, computer and human readable format. These feeds can, for example, allow a user to keep track of many different sources in a news aggregator or build a simple widget to display the supplied information through another website or app.

For more on RSS and the standards surrounding it visit​

​Legislation related RSS Feeds

​An RSS feed containing the current stage of all Assembly Bills is available at:

Other business RSS Feeds

The remained of our RSS Feeds are accessed via a URL of the following structure:

  • ​​{functrion id+}&p1={param1 value}&p2={param2 value}&{p3=...

e.g. (1) for a list of Assembly Members ordered alphabetically the URL would be:

e.g. (2) for a calendar of​ events from 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2017

e.g. (3) for a calendar of events from 10 days in the past to 20 days in the future

​Note: Any date enetered as a parameter must be in the form dd/mm/yyyy ie.e 20/02/2016 for 20 February 2016

Available RSS Feeds in this format​

Titlefunction id (f)parameters (p1, p2, p3...)​
What's New​1​date range: {date1​}-{date2}
p2 is not in use
Committee id comma separated list: {int, int, int}
​Google Meetings Calendar5​​no parameters
​Calendar: Current Month​6​no parameters
​Calendar: Current Week​7​no parameters
​Calendar: Current Day​8​no parameters
​Calendar: Range Month​9​start months before/after now: {int}
end months before/after now: {int}
​Calendar Range Day10​​start days before/after now: {int}
end days before/after now: {int}
​Calendar Range Dates​11​date range: {date1}-{date2}
​Assembly Members ordered Alphabetically​20no parameters​
​Assembly Members ordered by Constituency21​no parameters​
​Assembly Members ordered by Political Party22​​no parameters
Committees (list of)​28​no parameters​
​Cross Party Groups30​no parameters​
​Meetings by day range​35​committee id: {int} 0 for all
start days before/after now: {int}
end days before/after now {int}
​Meetings by date range​36​committee id: {int} 0 for all
date range: {date1}-{date2}
​Meeting Attendees: All Expected​37​meeting id: {int}
​Meeting Attendees: Assembly Members Expected​38​meeting id: {id}
​Meeting Attendees: All marked as attended​39​meeting id: {id}
​Meeting Attendees: Assembly Members marked as Attended​40​meeting id: {id}
​Active Consultation​76​​no parameters

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