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How does my Member of the Senedd represent me?

Representing the interests of Wales and its people

The Senedd is the forum for discussing matters that are important to Wales and its people. Both regional and constituency Members have a duty to be accessible to the people they have been elected to serve.

Members can raise issues in the Senedd on behalf of the people they represent. In turn, there are many ways in which the people of Wales can raise issues with the Senedd and influence its work.

Raising issues: on behalf of individuals

All Members of the Senedd have offices in their regions and constituencies and most hold regular surgeries, giving the people of Wales the chance to raise all kinds of issues and make their views known. This gives Members the opportunity to work directly on behalf of their constituents. Constituents are free to approach any of their five Members of the Senedd; regional and constituency Members are equally able to raise issues on behalf of the people they represent.

Raising issues: on behalf of organisations

Members of the Senedd also meet with pressure groups and community organisations and often welcome them to the Senedd for visits and meetings. The Senedd has a small library that Members of the Senedd use; organisations can send information to the library so that it is easy for Members of the Senedd to find the information they want.

One of the features of the Senedd’s first ten years is its commitment to openness and approachability. Some voluntary organisations have appointed liaison officers to keep in constant touch with Members of the Senedd and some professional lobbying companies also help their clients make their case or argue their corner on a wide range of issues. Even without these tools, it is easy for individuals or organisations to raise issues, using mechanisms like petitions to bring issues to the attention of the Senedd.

Get involved

You can email or write to your Members of the Senedd at their Senedd offices, or contact them at their regional or constituency offices. All contact information is available on our website. Alternatively, just call our information line on  0300 200 6565 and one of our Customer Relations Officers will put you through.

Visit us at the Senedd

You can call  0300 200 6565 or email to arrange a tour or book to watch proceedings in advance.

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