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Brexit Negotiations

Agriculture and fisheries

Research paper: UK Fisheries Bill

30 January 2019

This research paper looks at the introduction of the UK Fisheries Bill and the accompanying Legislative Consent Memorandum laid by the Welsh Government.


Blog post: World Trade Organization rules for agriculture 

7 January 2019

This blog post provides a brief overview of the WTO rules around agricultural support and import restrictions and what may happen after Brexit.


Committee report: Brexit preparedness in the food and drink sector 

10 December 2018

This report looks at the implications of Brexit for the food and drink sector in Wales. It is the third 'Brexit preparedness' report by the External Affairs Committee. 


Research briefing: Outcomes-based land management schemes - a case study 

27 November 2018

Professor Mike Christie from Aberystwyth University has provided the following case study analysis under the Research Service's Brexit academic framework. It considers existing examples of outcomes-based approaches to land management and payments and the associated risks and opportunities. 


Blog post: The UK Fisheries Bill

26 November 2018

The Bill supports the process of moving away from the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy, and provides the legal framework for the UK to manage its own waters, as an independent coastal state. 


Committee report: The impact of Brexit on fisheries in Wales

16 October 2018

The Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee has been looking at the fisheries sector and the potential changes to fisheries policy and legislation after Brexit. 


Blog post: The future of protected food names

2 October 2018

Some of Wales’s best known food and drink products are currently protected in the EU, because they have EU Geographical Indication status, but the UK Government is proposing a separate UK scheme once we leave the EU.


Blog post: what does the UK Agriculture Bill mean for Wales?

28 September 2018

The UK Agriculture Bill aims to provide the legal framework for leaving the Common Agricultural Policy and establishing new systems for agricultural and land management support across the UK.


Blog post: The future of agriculture - proposals across the UK

24 September 2018

This article looks at proposals across the UK for agricultural policies after Brexit. 


Committee report: Common frameworks for the environment after Brexit

13 September 2018

EU frameworks currently regulate agricultural support and policy. The Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee have been looking at the development of common frameworks for the UK after Brexit.


Blog post: UK-EU future relationships – fisheries

23 August 2018

This article looks at the elements of the UK Government’s future relationships White Paper that relate to fisheries.


Blog post: UK-EU future relationships – the agri-food sector

26 July 2018

This article looks at the elements of the UK’s future relationships White Paper that are most relevant to the agri-food sector and summarises reaction from the sector, the Welsh Government and the EU. 


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