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Brexit Negotiations

Culture and equalities

Committee report: Creative industries and Brexit

December 2018 

The Culture and Communications Committee has carried out a short inquiry into the impact of Brexit on creative industries


Blog post: Equality and human rights after Brexit - an update
1 November 2018

The External Affairs Committee and the Equality, Local Government and Communities Committee have explored this issue over the past 18 months. This article summarises the committees’ views and recommendations, and the responses from the Welsh Government.


Committee inquiry: implications of Brexit on areas within the Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee's remit

The Committee is looking at how Brexit may impact culture, the arts, the historic environment, the Welsh language, broadcasting and the creative industries.


Committee inquiry: Human rights in Wales


The Equality, Local Government and Communities Committee is holding an inquiry into human rights in Wales, which will consider the impact of Brexit on human rights protection in Wales. 


Committee scrutiny session: Equalities and Brexit

26 February 2018

The External Affairs Committee organised a meeting with expert witnesses to hear about the key issues for equalities in Wales in the context of Brexit. 


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