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Brexit Negotiations

Economy and Trade

Committee report: Common policy frameworks: Assembly scrutiny

9 December 2019

This report proposes an approach to Assembly scrutiny of UK-wide common policy frameworks.


Committee report: UK-wide common policy frameworks: discussion paper

7 August 2019

This paper aims to provide an overview of what frameworks are and what Assembly committees might need to consider in terms of scrutiny.


The UK Shared Prosperity Fund: What are the latest developments and key issues?

6 June 2019

What do we know about how the UK Shared Prosperity Fund might operate in Wales?


Blog post: The political declaration – what this means for Wales

3 December 2018  

This article sets out the conclusions of the UK Government and Bank of England analysis, highlighting key findings in relation to Wales.


Committee report: Preparing for Brexit - ports 

26 November 2018

This first report, in a series of three, looks at the implications of Brexit for the Welsh ports sector. It follows the committee's previous work on Brexit and Welsh ports, which was published in August 2017. 


Blog post: WTO agreements and devolution 

26 November 2018

This blog post outlines various international models of engagement between central and sub-national governments on trade negotiations and agreements to provide examples of the arrangements from elsewhere.


Blog post: Replacing EU funds

9 November 2018

Following the Finance Committee's report on replacing EU funds, this article outlines the Welsh Government's response to the report and looks at key developments since the report was published.


Commitee scrutiny: Trade policy 


A look at the work of the Assembly in response to the UK Government's proposals for future trade, including the UK Trade Bill.


Blog post: The UK shared prosperity fund 

6 November 2018

The UK Government has committed to replacing EU structural funds in the UK with a shared prosperity fund. This blog post contains some frequently asked questions about the proposed fund and how it will work in Wales. 


Plenary statement: Update on regional investment after Brexit

16 October 2018

On 16 October, the Cabinet Secretary for Finance made a statement to update the Chamber on the Government’s preparations in this area.


Blog post: What are the next steps for regional investment in Wales?

11 October 2018

Read about what the Government and Assembly committees are saying about securing continued investment once the UK leaves the EU.


Committee report: Preparations for replacing EU funding for Wales

26 September 2018

With Wales currently receiving around £680 million per year in EU funding, this report looks at preparations for replacing this funding after Brexit.


Committee report: Selling Wales to the world

27 September 2018

The Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Committee has been looking at how the Government has been selling Wales to the world, and how they should prepare for the future.


Blog post: The future of Welsh ports

27 September 2018

After Brexit, trade with the EU will continue to be important. This article looks at the potential impact of Brexit on our ports. 

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