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Brexit Negotiations

Future relationships

Blog post: Coronavirus and Brexit

16 April 2020



Blog post: Wales, Europe and the world: the Welsh Government’s International Strategy

2 March 2020



Blog post: UK-EU Future Relationship

3 February 2020

What could be agreed over the next 11 months?



Committee report on the Welsh Government’s Draft International Strategy 

12 December 2019
Following her appointment on 13 December 2018, the Minister for International Relations and the Welsh Language committed to developing an international strategy for Wales. The External Affairs and Additional Legislation Committee have taken a keen interest in this work, which sits alongside its Brexit remit.


Changing of the guard: the new EU Commission and Wales

20 November 2019

The European Commission is the independent, executive branch of the EU. It proposes and oversees the EU’s laws, administers its policies and programmes, has oversight of the EU’s budget and represents the EU in international negotiations.


Committee report: Changes to freedom of movement after Brexit - the implications for Wales

8 November 2019

The United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union will significantly affect freedom of movement of people. Although we have considered this issue on numerous occasions as part of broader areas of work, this is the first report to concentrate solely on the potential changes to freedom of movement of people after Brexit.  


Blog post: Putting Wales on the map

29 April 2019

How should Wales approach international engagement after Brexit?


Committee report: Wales’s future relationship with Europe and the World

21 February 2019

The External Affairs Committee has published its recommendations on future external relationships, networks and institutions after Brexit. 


Blog post: Wales and the membership of the Committee of the Regions

4 December 2018

Will Wales’ membership of the CoR change after Brexit?


Research paper: A summary of the UK Government’s White Paper on the UK’s future relationship with the EU

28 August 2018

An in-depth look at the UK Government’s proposals for the future relationship between the UK and the EU after Brexit in key policy areas.


Blog post: Future relationships – continued participation in EU agencies

8 August 2018

This article looks at the future of the UK’s participation in EU agencies after Brexit.


Blog post: UK-EU future relationships – association agreements

18 July 2018

What are association agreements, why does the EU seek these agreements, and could an agreement for the UK look like?


Blog post: UK Government publishes its proposals for a future relationship with the EU

17 July 2018

This article explores the elements of the UK’s future relationship White Paper that are likely to be of interest to Wales.

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