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Brexit Negotiations


Research briefing - European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill

8 January 2020

This research paper provides an overview of the Bill including the background to its introduction, key provisions, the Welsh Government’s Legislative Consent Memorandum and the UK Government’s impact assessment.



Blog post: Brexit - A Legislation Update

17 May 2019

This blog provides an update on the current Brexit legislation and what might happen in the coming months.


Progress report: Scrutiny of regulations under the European Union (Withdrawal) Act

8 February 2019

An update from the Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee about how the process of scrutinising Brexit statutory instruments is going so far. 


Guide: Scrutiny of regulations made under the European Union (Withdrawal) Act

29 January 2019

The Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee's have produced a guide on the scrutiny of Brexit subordinate legislation.


Blog post: Supreme Court rules on Scottish Brexit Bill

23 January 2019

This blog post gives an overview of the ruling of the Supreme Court on the Scottish continuity Bill. 


Blog post: Repeal of the Welsh Continuity Act

16 November 2018

This blog looks at the Law Derived from the European Union (Wales) Act 2018 and why the Assembly is being asked to repeal it.


Blog post: Brexit legislation update

13 November 2018

This blog looks at the Brexit legislation that has already been passed or introduced, as well as the Bills that we can expect in the months to come. 


Committee scrutiny: Subordinate legislation relating to Brexit


The Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee is reporting on subordinate legislation relating to Brexit, highlighting issues that may have implications for Wales.


Committee report: Scrutiny of regulations under the Trade Bill

8 October 2018

Read the Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee’s recommendations on the process for scrutiny of regulations made under the UK Trade Bill.


Blog post: Changes to Standing Orders due to the EU withdrawal Act

2 October 2018

Read about the new categories of subordinate legislation created by the EU withdrawal Act and how these affect Assembly procedures.


Blog post: Legislating for the withdrawal agreement between the UK and the EU

3 September 2018

This article looks at the UK Government White Paper that sets out how the Government will implement a final withdrawal agreement.


Blog post: Sifting Brexit regulations

20 July 2018

This article summarises the Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee’s report on powers in the EU withdrawal Act to make subordinate legislation.

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