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Making justice work for the people of Wales


The National Assembly's Legislation, Justice and Constitution Committee is today launching an inquiry into the justice system in Wales.

Following the Commission on Justice in Wales' recent report which highlighted that people in Wales are being let down by the justice system, the Committee will be mapping out the responsibilities of the UK Government and Westminster and those of the Welsh Government and National Assembly. 

As part of the inquiry, the Committee will also look at how the justice process can be simplified and made more accessible to all.

The Committee will seek evidence from legal experts, Welsh government ministers and the UK government on the complexities and challenges of the justice system. It will also look to find best practice from how things are working in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The Committee's role was adapted following a recommendation by the Commission on Justice in Wales Report stating that the National Assembly should have greater scrutiny over justice.

Mick Antoniw AM, Chair of the Legislation, Justice and Constitution:

"Our inquiry is about identifying how we can make justice work for people. With two governments and two parliaments, Wales' system can be confusing to navigate for people seeking justice. At present we're concerned that the system isn't working for Wales.

"We will be reviewing how the system works at the moment and looking at making recommendations to improve how things work for the people of Wales."

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