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Publication of the Independent Remuneration Board’s Determination for the Sixth Senedd


​The Independent Remuneration Board has today (Thursday 4 June 2020) published its Determination which sets out the pay and allowances available to Members of the Senedd following the next Senedd election in May 2021.

Some of the changes included in this Determination are aimed at ensuring that the support and remuneration offered to Members do not deter people from standing for election to the Senedd. The Board consulted on such changes earlier this year and the new provisions in this Determination include:

  • An allowance for Members to help meet costs incurred in relation to a disability or disabilities. This is an extension of an existing provision.
  • Additional resources to help with a Member's workload during their period of parental leave.
  • A contribution towards care costs for children and / or dependants when Members are required to work beyond family friendly hours, reflecting similar arrangements that are in place for local authority members in Wales. The reimbursement of such costs would be subject to a set monthly limit and be payable for care provided by regulated care providers only;

The Determination also reflects the Board's decisions on Members' salaries for the next Senedd, which are based on the importance and complexity of Members' roles and the extent of their responsibilities. It is likely that current constitutional developments will affect the Senedd in due course, for example how powers are repatriated following Brexit and the potential for changes to the size of the Senedd as is being considered by the Committee on Senedd Electoral Reform. However the impact of such potential changes on Members' roles and responsibilities are not clear at this time. Therefore the Board has decided that the current salary arrangements should be maintained for the next Senedd.

Preparation of this Determination has been informed by research commissioned by the Board into the barriers and incentives to standing for election to the Senedd, as well as consultation with elected Members , their staff, political parties, stakeholders and the public.

The Board is committed to publishing this Determination approximately one year ahead of the election in order to provide those thinking of standing for election with clarity on the pay and allowances that will be available to them as Members of the Senedd, if elected. 

Further details are available on the Independent Remuneration Board's website

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