Section 4.2 - Legislation

Published 08/01/2021   |   Last Updated 08/01/2021   |   Reading Time minutes

Government of Wales Act 2006, Section 36 (Integrity)

This section of GOWA 2006 requires standing orders to make various kinds of provision to safeguard standards of integrity in relation to Assembly proceedings, including requiring Members to register and declare certain interests. A failure to comply with these provisions constitutes a criminal offence.

National Assembly for Wales Commissioner for Standards Measure 2009

Provides for the establishment of a Commissioner for Standards to investigate complaints about the conduct of Assembly Members.

National Assembly for Wales (Remuneration) Measure 2010

Provides for the establishment of the Assembly's independent Remuneration Board with the responsibility to make determinations in relation to the remuneration of Assembly Members, the First Minister, Welsh Ministers, the Counsel General and Deputy Welsh Ministers.

Determination for the Fifth Assembly, Remuneration Board of the National Assembly for Wales, May 2015

This determination is made under Section 3 of the Measure. It also relates to Paragraph 13 of the Code of Conduct (Members' Salaries and Allowances)

National Assembly for Wales (Official Languages) Act 2012

Places statutory duties on the National Assembly for Wales and Assembly Commission in relation to the provision of bilingual services.

National Assembly for Wales Official Languages Scheme

Sets out how the Assembly will deliver the statutory duties set out in the 2012 Act relating to bilingual services.