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​Conduct, Rules and Guidance

​The Senedd’s rules, and procedures are laid out in Standing Orders, in accordance with the Government of Wales Act (2006), and are enforced by the Presiding Officer who is the highest authority in the Senedd.

Two independent external bodies are also involved in shaping Senedd guidance and rules on conduct. The role of the Comissioner for Standards includes advising the Senedd on the Code of Conduct for Members of the Senedd and associated guidance and investigating complaints against Members. The Remuneration Board is responsible for determining Members' pay, allowances and resources. 

​Standing Orders

The Senedd's procedures are governed by its Standing Orders. These rules take ​account of any relevant provisions set out in the Government of Wales Act 2006. The Business Committee, which is chaired by the Presiding Officer, may choose to make recommendations on the procedure of the Senedd, including any proposals for revising Standing Orders.




Presiding Officer's Guidance

The role of Llywydd (Presiding Officer) is the single most important office in the Senedd and mirrors the roles of Speakers and Presiding Officers in parliaments across the world.

Guidance on the Proper Conduct of Senedd Business

Guidance on the proper conduct of Senedd business, issued by the Llywydd under Standing Order 6.17, was collated and agreed on 04 June 2019 following consultation with the Business Committee. The Llywydd, in consultation with Business Committee, may revise the guidance at any time.

Special Procedures​


​The Senedd Timetable

The Senedd Timetable and Recess dates are agreed by Business Committee.


See also:

Glo​​ssary ​
If you are new to Senedd Business and the terms used to describe its procedures and outputs please see our help section.
Standards Commissioner

The Standards Commissioner investigates complaints against Senedd Members relating to breaches of the Code of Conduct or Standing Orders and provides advice and assistance on matters of principle.

Rem​uneration Board​

The Remuneration Board is an independent Board, set up in 2010 to look at Senedd Members' pay and allowances. The Board's main job is making sure Senedd Members have the right resources.


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