Our role

We make laws, set taxes and oversee the work of the Welsh Government.

Holding government to account

Overseeing the Welsh Government

We check up on the work and spending of the Welsh Government.

We do this through meetings in the Senedd chamber called Plenary, where Members debate Welsh Government plans and question ministers.

Our committees then focus on aspects of life in Wales, looking at new laws and government policy that affect you.

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Welsh Government

How laws are made


Making Laws

We make and examine laws that affect us all.

This could be a new law, called a Bill, or making changes to an existing one.

After careful examination and consideration laws are voted on to see if they get approval in the Senedd. If approved it will become an 'Act of the Senedd' and a new law in Wales.

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How Welsh taxes are agreed

Agreeing Welsh Taxes

The Senedd, along with the Welsh Government, is responsible for some of the taxes set in Wales.

We check and challenge the work of the Welsh Government in relation to setting tax rates and introducing new taxes.

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