A Bill is a draft law. Once a Bill has been considered and passed by the Senedd and given Royal Assent by the Monarch, it becomes an ‘Act of Senedd Cymru’.

The Senedd is able to pass Acts on any matters that are not reserved to the UK Parliament by the Government of Wales Act 2006 (as amended by the Wales Act 2017).

Progress of Senedd Bills

Progress of Senedd Bills



Primary Legislation

Subordinate Legislation

Subordinate legislation

Subordinate legislation is the laws brought forward by Ministers under powers delegated by an Act of Senedd Cymru, a Measure of the Assembly or by an Act of Parliament.

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Legislative Consent

The Senedd in Cardiff Bay

Legislative Consent

When the UK Parliament wishes to legislate on a subject matter which has already been devolved to the Senedd, convention requires it to receive the consent of the Senedd before it may pass the legislation in question. Such consent is given by the Senedd through Legislative Consent Motions (LCMs).

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