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Overseeing the Welsh Government

Published 19/11/2020   |   Last Updated 28/01/2021

Effective scrutiny of government is at the heart of any democratic process.

It is our role to oversee the work and spending of the Welsh Government. We do this through debates, questioning ministers and with the investigative work of our committees. 


Debates allow Members to voice your concerns in the Senedd, discuss topical issues and decide on new laws.

They can raise any issues of concern and Welsh Government ministers must respond.

Members will often vote after a debate to see whether a majority support or reject any discussed laws or proposals.

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Questions are an opportunity for Members to challenge the First Minister and other Welsh Government Ministers on topics they choose.

Members ask questions on a range of subjects, such as how the Welsh Government is spending public money or how it manages the day-to-day running of public services in Wales.

Questions to the First Minister (FMQs) happen every Tuesday when the Senedd is sitting and are broadcast .

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Committees look at the work of the Welsh Government and other public organisations in Wales in specific devolved areas.

They carry out inquiries and produce reports, hold Welsh Government to account and carefully examine proposed laws.

They decide what issues to look at and gather information and evidence from those affected and expert organisations. Committees report their findings to the Senedd so they can debate and vote on them. They also publish them for you to see.

The Welsh Government usually has six weeks to reply to a committee’s recommendations.

Committees are made up of members from across the political groups in the Senedd as well as independent members.

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