Code of Conduct for Members of the Senedd

Published 05/01/2021   |   Last Updated 06/05/2021   |   Reading Time minutes

A new Code of Conduct on the Standards of Conduct of Members of the Senedd and associated guidance has taken effect for the beginning of the Sixth Senedd, which was agreed by the Senedd on 17 March 2021. Further information about the development of the new Code is set out in a news article, and a report published by the Standards of Conduct Committee.

The essential purpose of this Code of Conduct is to uphold the reputation of the Senedd and to provide the openness and accountability necessary to reinforce public confidence in the integrity of Members of the Senedd in the way in which they discharge their important public duties and responsibilities.

This Code applies to all Members of the Senedd. Members must comply with it.  Should you have any concerns about a Member's conduct or wish to make a complaint, please contact the Standards Commissioner

The Senedd is committed to dealing effectively with any concerns or complaints.  Find out more about our complaints policy, procedure and how to make a complaint.