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Jane Dodds MS

Jane Dodds MS

Senedd Regional Member

Welsh Liberal Democrats

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Mid and West Wales

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Will the First Minister outline the progress on the Government’s plans to pilot a universal basic income?

Tabled on 14/10/2021

Good afternoon, Minister. Just following on from my colleague's question around the river Wye, living on the river Wye as I do, in Hay-on-Wye, I do get additional questions and issues bro...

Plenary | 13/10/2021

Good afternoon, Minister. May I ask you again about business rates? Because, like many colleagues in this Chamber, we're asked about business rates by small family businesses, which, at t...

Plenary | 13/10/2021

What are the Welsh Government's plans in relation to the use of voter identification in Wales?

Tabled on 13/10/2021

Thank you for all your work, not just throughout the past year, which has been an exceptionally difficult year, but since being appointed in 2015. I'd just like to focus on one small iss...

Plenary | 12/10/2021

Thank you very much, Deputy Presiding Officer, and I'd also like to thank Sally Holland.

Plenary | 12/10/2021