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Jayne Bryant MS

Jayne Bryant MS

Senedd Constituency Member

Welsh Labour

Welsh Labour Group

Newport West

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What measures is the Welsh Government taking to support further education during the pandemic in Wales?

Tabled on 16/09/2021

How is the Welsh Government supporting veterans in Wales?

Tabled on 15/09/2021

What measures is the Welsh Government taking to improve access to GP services in Wales?

Tabled on 09/09/2021

This Senedd: 1. Expresses its gratitude for the extraordinary commitment and contribution of health and social care staff through the pandemic and beyond. 2. Recognises the need to...

For debate on 13/07/2021

What is the Welsh Government doing to ensure local authorities can meet the housing adaptation needs of people living with motor neurone disease?

Tabled on 06/07/2021

What is the Welsh Government doing to improve animal welfare in Wales?

Tabled on 16/06/2021

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Born and brought up in Newport, all my working life I have worked to help advocate and support people with issues and problems. Elected in 2016 to represent Newport West, I was elected Chair of the Standards of Conduct Committee and sat on the Health, Social Care and Sport Committee which I have a strong interest in. I Chair the Cross Party Groups on Diabetes; Preventing Child Sexual Abuse; Arts and Health. Within Newport West I regularly raise and campaign on issues such as Health and Wellbeing; unpaid carers; transport issues; air quality and tackling inequality. I’m particularly passionate about encouraging young people to be active and interested in politics.

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Terms of office

  1. 06/05/2016 - 28/04/2021
  2. 08/05/2021 -

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