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Jayne Bryant MS

Jayne Bryant MS

Senedd Constituency Member

Welsh Labour

Welsh Labour Group

Newport West

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What is the Welsh Government doing to support economic development in Newport?

Tabled on 04/05/2022

How is the Welsh Government working to provide high-quality care for children and young people in specialist residential homes?

Tabled on 21/04/2022

How does the Welsh Government plan to improve NHS dental provision in Newport?

Tabled on 16/03/2022

What is the Welsh Government doing to promote large-scale renewable energy projects in Wales?

Tabled on 10/03/2022

This Senedd: 1. Recognises Young Carers Action Day on 16 March 2022, appreciating the contributions young carers across Wales make to improve the lives of their loved ones in need of c...

For debate on 10/03/2022

Will the Minister give an update on the development of the clinical community pharmacy service in Wales?

Tabled on 09/02/2022

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Born and brought up in Newport, it is a privilege to represent the city I live in and love.

First elected as the MS for Newport West in 2016, I was appointed Chair of the Standards of Conduct Committee in the Fifth Senedd, and sat on the Health, Social Care and Sport Committee.

Re-elected in 2021, I was nominated to Chair the Children, Young People and Education Committee in this Sixth Senedd. I also sit on the Special Purpose Committee on Senedd Reform.

I Chair the Cross-Party Groups on Diabetes; Preventing Child Sexual Abuse; and Suicide Prevention, and act as Vice Chair for the Cross-Party Group on Dementia.

All my working life I have tried to help advocate and support people with issues and problems. Within Newport West, I regularly raise and campaign on peoples’ concerns regarding health and wellbeing; the environment and climate change; transport; and tackling inequality. I’m particularly passionate about encouraging young people to be active and interested in politics. Politics matters and young people must be at the heart of it.

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  1. 06/05/2016 - 28/04/2021
  2. 08/05/2021 -

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