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Carolyn Thomas MS

Carolyn Thomas MS

Senedd Regional Member

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North Wales

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What outcomes is the Welsh Government hoping to achieve from the universal basic income pilot for care leavers in North Wales?

Tabled on 30/06/2022

What discussions has the Counsel General had with other UK law officers regarding the implications for Wales of potential changes to the application of the Northern Ireland protocol?

Tabled on 29/06/2022

Could you ask that contactrors in Holyhead engage with local partners to maximise opportunities for local workers, and also with the supply chains? And also, if you do have conversations...

Plenary | 28/06/2022

I value what you said about twenty-first century schools having modern sport facilities—I've seen that happen in my area—which are then open in the evening for clubs, which is really good.

Culture, Communications, Welsh Language, Sport, and International Relations Committee | 23/06/2022

[Inaudible.]—would be really good.

Culture, Communications, Welsh Language, Sport, and International Relations Committee | 23/06/2022

Could you ask, then, that when you're looking at transport hubs, railway stations and town centres, could they also include leisure centres as part of their transport hubs as well, when p...

Culture, Communications, Welsh Language, Sport, and International Relations Committee | 23/06/2022

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I am incredibly proud and grateful to have been elected to serve our communities across North Wales as your Member for the Senedd.  I will work hard to pay back the trust you have placed in me.  If there is anything I can do to help, please get in touch by emailing Carolyn.Thomas@Senedd.Wales.

Key interests and achievements

My key interests are the natural environment, highways and transportation, waste and recycling, children and young people, social justice and fairness.

Personal history

I am a married mother of three young adults, a grandmother and dog owner.  My favourite past times are walking in the countryside, exploring historic towns and real ale.

Professional background

I have worked in a variety of jobs while raising my family most recently working as a postwoman and prior to that as a post office clerk. I lived in Italy in my early 20s.  I have organised community events, charity fundraisers and produced the local newsletters for the last ten years.

Political history

Before being elected as a Member of the Senedd I was Deputy Leader of Flintshire County Council and Cabinet member for Streetscene & Countryside. I have been a Flintshire County Councillor since 2008 and also a town & community councillor representing two wards, Llanfynydd and Treuddyn. I have been a political group leader, Committee Chairwoman and Civic Leader (Chairwoman/Mayor) of the Council. I joined the Labour party to fight against austerity and the impact on public services, I have also highlighted the devastating impact of Universal credit and social injustice.


I have campaigned for public bus transport, investment in highways funding, the music service, investment in children’s play areas, early years funding and for the natural environment as a County Councillor.

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