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Jack Sargeant MS

Jack Sargeant MS

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Welsh Labour

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Alyn and Deeside

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What is the Welsh Government doing to ensure the voices of looked after children and care leavers are heard to enable them to inform policy decisions, such as radical reform of current se...

Tabled on 05/05/2022

Will the Minister make a statement on how the Welsh Government can support broadcasters to ensure Cymru international football matches continue to be available in both English and Welsh?

Tabled on 27/04/2022

How is the Welsh Government supporting the growth of ice hockey in north-east Wales?

Tabled on 22/04/2022

How is the Welsh Government working to promote community safety in Alyn and Deeside?

Tabled on 21/04/2022

When will the consultation on the neurodevelopment action plan commence this summer?

Tabled on 06/04/2022

Has the demand, capacity and design of neurodevelopmental services review concluded its work and when will the report be published?

Tabled on 06/04/2022