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Gareth Davies MS

Gareth Davies MS

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Welsh Conservative Party

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Vale of Clwyd

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What evidence does the Minister hold regarding the benefits of wildflower meadow growth to increase the bee population?

Tabled on 29/09/2022

What measures is the Minister taking to address residents concerns about wildflower meadow growth in their communities?

Tabled on 29/09/2022

Yes, these are Wales-only figures, because I'm just going to mention now that, in Merthyr Tydfil, less than two thirds of women took their screening test, which I think is shocking but no...

Plenary | 28/09/2022

I did work in community mental health teams and would support women's mental health that deteriorated as a result of their physical health, and the point I'd like to make is, sometimes, w...

Plenary | 28/09/2022

It's a pleasure to take part in this debate this afternoon on what is such an important topic in the lives of many women in Wales. And while it may raise eyebrows that a bloke is talking...

Plenary | 28/09/2022

Thank you for that answer, Minister. Where there is direction for bus services in Denbighshire, there is a lack of guidance for taxi services, which, as you know, are licensed by local au...

Plenary | 28/09/2022

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Key interests and achievements

Gareth is committed to improving the lives of people residing in the Vale of Clwyd. He is keen to improve access to healthcare across the constituency and ensuring parity between physical and mental health. Gareth is a strong advocate for grassroots sport and believes team sports are a way of tackling mental health issues as well as the obesity crisis facing our nation.

Personal history

Gareth has resided in the Vale of Clwyd all his life. He was born and grew up in St Asaph, moving then on to Rhyl and now resides in Prestatyn with his wife and young son.

Professional background

Gareth has worked for the NHS for over a decade, formerly supporting people with mental health needs and learning disabilities before moving into physiotherapy.


Gareth is Denbighshire County Councillor and Town Councillor, serving the Prestatyn South-West Ward.

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