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Buffy Williams MS

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Yes. Thank you, Chair.

Children, Young People and Education Committee | 21/09/2022

Thank you. Can you explain briefly how the COVID tariff worked in practice, and why, on balance, you decided against it? Given some schools and some learners were impacted more than other...

Children, Young People and Education Committee | 21/09/2022

Thank you. In making the adaptations, how were reductions in course content decided, and what involvement did teachers and other education practitioners have in informing such decisions?

Children, Young People and Education Committee | 21/09/2022

Thank you, Chair. Knowing that the position in Wales changed following the decisions taken in England, what was the initial rationale for not giving learners advance information of all qu...

Children, Young People and Education Committee | 21/09/2022

What discussions has the Minister had with her UK Government counterparts regarding cost-of-living support for local authorities?

Tabled on 21/09/2022

in 2002.During the serenity of family love, the raging of fire at Windsor, the shallow criticism and the depths of death and despair, with every changing of the first mate, 15 Prime Minis...

Plenary | 11/09/2022

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Key interests and achievements

Main interests are community support and volunteering, Buffy spent 20 years in the voluntary sector and has a passion for supporting community groups and organisation. Buffy is also a dedicated Rotarian and has enjoyed supporting the Rhondda Rotaries many charitable events. In 2020 Buffy was awarded the British Empire Medal for her services to Rhondda communities in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list. She was also awarded the Pride of Wales Award in 2019 for her voluntary work in Rhondda communities.

Personal history

Buffy lives in Rhondda with her husband and children. She was born in Williamstown, Rhondda and has always dedicated most of her spare time to the voluntary sector.

Professional background

Buffy has worked in education and the Third Sector, most recently Buffy established and registered a charity in Rhondda to support local residents, establishing a mental health support room and a variety of support groups.

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