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Neil McEvoy MS

Neil McEvoy MS

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Will the Minister make a statement on care home deaths from COVID-19 in Wales?

Tabled on 17/03/2021

Will the Minister make a statement on the mandatory wearing of face masks for school children?

Tabled on 10/03/2021

Will the First Minister provide an update on the Welsh Government's coronavirus testing regime?

Tabled on 25/02/2021

What percentage of COVID-19 PCR test results constitute a weak positive result and, in the event of a weak positive result, what percentage of patients are re-tested using different nucle...

Tabled on 24/02/2021

Will the Minister confirm whether a positive result from the current COVID-19 PCR tests used in Wales corresponds, beyond reasonable doubt, to a person being infected with the disease?

Tabled on 24/02/2021

What analysis has the Welsh Government undertaken of any evidence that closing primary schools leads to a significant reduction in coronavirus transmission?

Tabled on 03/02/2021

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