Proposed Members' Bills - Fourth Assembly

Published 06/04/2016   |   Last Updated 11/03/2021   |   Reading Time minutes

A Members’ Bill is a Bill introduced by an individual Assembly Member. Members’ Bills are distinct from Bills (introduced by the Welsh Government), Committee Bills (introduced by a committee) and Commission Bills (introduced by the Assembly Commission).

Any Member wishing to propose a Bill must apply to be included in a ballot which is held by the Presiding Officer. To be eligible for the ballot, Members must also table certain pre-ballot information, including the proposed title of the Bill and its policy objectives.

A Member who is successful in the ballot may then table a motion asking the Assembly to agree that he or she can introduce a Bill to give effect to the proposal included in the ballot. If that motion is agreed, the Member has nine months in which he or she may formally introduce a Bill.

Once introduced, a Members' Bill is subject to the same scrutiny process as other Bills.

Guide to the Members' Bills process (PDF 1206KB)

Legislative Ballots

The Presiding Officer must from time to time hold a Ballot to determine the name of a Member, other than a Member of the Government, who may seek agreement to introduce a Members' Bill.

Selected Members