16/11/2011 - Education and Counsel General

Published 10/06/2014   |   Last Updated 10/06/2014

Oral Assembly Questions tabled on 2 November 2011 for answer on 16 November 2011

R - Signifies the Member has declared an interest.
W - Signifies that the question was tabled in Welsh.

(Self identifying Question no. shown in brackets)

To ask the Minister for Education and Skills

1. Gwyn Price (Islwyn): Will the Minister make a statement on access to Higher Education in Wales. OAQ(4)0068(ESK)

2. Christine Chapman (Cynon Valley): Will the Minister provide an update on improving work experience opportunities for young people in Wales. OAQ(4)0065(ESK)

3. Mark Isherwood (North Wales): Will the Minister outline his plan for the funding of HE Institutions in Wales. OAQ(4)0055(ESK)

4. Eluned Parrott (South Wales Central): Does the Minister have any plans to make available to Assembly Members any legal advice he has received on the potential for legal challenge regarding Wales not funding EU students in England. OAQ(4)0061(ESK)

5. Nick Ramsay (Monmouth): Will the Minister make a statement on the new regulations for reporting school and pupil information. OAQ(4)0060(ESK)

6. Eluned Parrott (South Wales Central): Will the Minister make a statement on the number of EU students attending Welsh Universities. OAQ(4)0069(ESK)

7. Simon Thomas (Mid and West Wales): What discussions has the Minister had with local education authorities about capital expenditure. OAQ(4)0053(ESK) W

8. David Melding (South Wales Central): Has the Welsh Government reviewed the latest research indicating that a summer birth month may negatively influence the educational attainment of young people. OAQ(4)0066(ESK)

9. Russell George (Montgomeryshire): Will the Minister make a statement on classroom assessments in Wales. OAQ(4)0056(ESK)

10. Ann Jones (Vale of Clwyd): What is Welsh Government doing to encourage parents to become school governors. OAQ(4)0058(ESK)

11. Aled Roberts (North Wales): Will the Minister make a statement about which county councils implement the School Funding Regulations (Wales) 2010. OAQ(4)0064(ESK) W

12. Julie James (Swansea West): Will the Minister outline his plans to improve education standards in South West Wales. OAQ(4)0063(ESK)

13. Leanne Wood (South Wales Central): Will the Minister outline how he plans to ensure that school performance is monitored in Wales. OAQ(4)0054(ESK)

14. Mohammad Asghar (South Wales East): Will the Minister make a statement on his priorities for education in South Wales East. OAQ(4)0062(ESK)

15. William Graham (South Wales East): Will the Minister make a statement on the progress of the 21st Century Schools initiative. OAQ(4)0059(ESK)

To ask the Counsel General

1. Jenny Rathbone (Cardiff Central): Has the Counsel General responded to any consultations on behalf of the Welsh Government relating to legal matters for youth justice. OAQ(4)0017(CGE)

2. Bethan Jenkins (South Wales West): Has the Counsel General had any discussions with Law officers in the UK Government regarding requirements to consult the Prince of Wales over Welsh legislation. OAQ(4)0019(CGE)

3. Mick Antoniw (Pontypridd): Will the Counsel General make a statement outlining his duties and responsibilities. OAQ(4)0018(CGE)

4. Peter Black (South Wales West): Will the Counsel General outline his role in advising on a Legislative Consent Motion. OAQ(4)0016(CGE)

5. Aled Roberts (North Wales): Will the Counsel General provide an update on his recent meeting with the Commission on a Bill of Human Rights regarding the creation of a UK Bill of Rights. OAQ(4)0020(CGE) W

6. Eluned Parrott (South Wales Central): How will the Counsel General ensure that Welsh legislation is consistent with the rule of law. OAQ(4)0014(CGE)

7. Peter Black (South Wales West): What is the Counsel General’s role in advising on Orders in Council made under section 109 of the Government of Wales Act 2006. OAQ(4)0015(CGE)