Communications Team Privacy Notice

Published 09/11/2020   |   Last Updated 20/01/2021   |   Reading Time minutes

Please note - we keep this privacy notice under regular review and will place any updates on this page. 

How we will use your information:

Who we are 

The Senedd Commission is the data controller of your information, and will make sure it is protected and used in line with data protection legislation. Any queries regarding our use of your information should be sent to Senedd's Data Protection Officer at:

Data Protection Officer
Welsh Parliament
Cardiff Bay
CF99 1SN
0300 200 6494

Why we are collecting your information


We make efforts to engage the people of Wales and the wider public in our work, and draw your attention to information and activities which might be of interested. For us to do this we collect information from people that we interact with in person and online. The information we collect falls into the following categories:

  • Contact information such as e-mail addresses which we use to provide people with updates on projects they have taken part in, to confirm bookings, and invite people to activities and events that they may be interested in;
  • Information regarding any preferences or requirements that individuals or groups may have to aid their ability to participate in our activity, for example dietary requirements;
  • Digital content like pictures and videos, which we collect during tours, events, and other activity to gather people’s views on different issues and to demonstrate the work that we do to engage the public which forms part of the Senedd Commission Strategy 2016 - 2021
  • Information regarding people’s opinions and experiences on a range of matters relating to the work of the Senedd; 
  • Data about how people use our online services which is used for statistical purposes and analysis for management purposes in order to administer the website or improve our services.

Our legal basis for using your information

The majority of the information that we collect and use is processed for the purposes of tasks that are in the public interest, or in the substantial public interest (where your personal information comprises a special category of personal data).  Sometimes, however, we will rely on your consent to use your information. 

What we will do with your information 

Your information will often be retained on Senedd ICT infrastructure, which includes third party cloud services provided by Microsoft. Any transfer of data by Microsoft outside of the EEA is covered by contractual clauses under which Microsoft ensure that personal data is treated in line with European legislation.  We sometimes use third parties to obtain or store your information, details of where we use third parties are set out further down in this notice.

On occasion, we will get requests from third party media organisations to speak with those who have contributed to our work. We will not share your contact details with any third party media organisations without first seeking your consent.

Details about how we will use information for each of our different activities are set out below. 

Attending events and workshops

We often capture digital content at these events, please see the section below for further information on how this is information will be used.

Sometimes we manage event bookings by using EventBrite and Tocyn.Cymru. Details about how EventBrite and Tocyn.Cymru will use your information is available on their respective websites. 

Online events

Sometimes we hold events online. When we do, we will either use third party software tools such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Information on which platform we are using for each specific event will be made clear when sharing information about the event.

When we use Zoom, panellists will be sent a meeting ID number and password ahead of time, so they are able to join the meeting. The event will then be broadcast on our channels such as YouTube, SeneddTV, or other social media channels, which is where 'attendees' will watch the event.

Panellists participating in online events will be required to share their personal details in order for Senedd officials to set up online event meetings. To participate, panellists will be required to set-up and/or use their own personal accounts on Zoom. Panellists may also be asked to share images and/or videos, and information about themselves, for promotional purposes ahead of the event. This may include their social media handles and account names. Panellists in receipt of funds for their participation will be required to share some financial information with internal staff in order to process and facilitate payment.

This data will only be used for the purposes of the online event that they participate in. All personal data shared will be retained until the online event and any subsequent event related administration comes to an end. Images and/or videos shared by panellists and repurposed for promotional purposes may be published on our social media channels, and on our website, which may be retained indefinitely and content that we publish into the public domain will remain there.

We may choose to take a recording of our online events, which may be published on our social media channels, and on our website, which may be retained indefinitely and content that we publish into the public domain will remain there. The Senedd regularly reviews the digital content captured, and will not retain pictures and videos which are unlikely to be of any operational value going forward.

Those third parties may use and store personal data such as your name, email address, and telephone number (in some cases); IP address, and details about your device.

Zoom holds data in the US. They are signed up to the EU – US Privacy Shield Framework. For further information please read Zoom's certification with the privacy shield.

Any transfer of data by Microsoft outside of the EEA is covered by contractual clauses under which Microsoft ensure that personal data is treated in line with European legislation.

When people book to attend events arranged by us, contact us to book a workshop, or when we contact groups to arrange sessions, we will collect contact information and information regarding accessibility requirements. We retain this information until event administration has finished. If people choose the option for the Senedd to retain their contact information for updates on further events and activity arranged by the Senedd, we will retain their information and they can contact us at any time to remove their details from our records. 

Focus groups

Sometimes we arrange focus groups with members of the public to gather people’s views and opinions on work that the Welsh Parliament Commission, or Welsh Parliament Committees are undertaking. At these focus groups, staff may make a written note to capture participants views, on occasion this can involve using audio or recording equipment to assist the facilitator in making accurate notes. The audio file will be deleted securely 12 months after the focus group took place.

We sometimes deliver focus groups online, by using Microsoft Teams. At these online focus groups, a member of Welsh Parliament staff will facilitate a discussion with participants who have been specifically invited to take part in a closed group. We may record the online focus group to help compile a note from the session. If a recording is made, we will not share it publicly, and the recording will be deleted 12 months after the session took place.

A general summary of the themes and issues raised during focus groups, and quotes from participants, will be presented to Welsh Parliament staff and Members of the Senedd. These may also appear in reports published on the Welsh Parliament website, and appear in promotional content. These materials may reference specific groups who have taken part, but will not list the names of individuals who contributed, and will not be made attributable to individual respondents. Quotes which may identify individuals will not be used. 

If you choose to provide your contact details in order to receive updates about the project you have taken part in, we will contact you to tell you what has happened afterwards, and to share reports and other relevant documentation relating to the project. We will retain your contact details until the project has finished (stored on Welsh Parliament ICT infrastructure).

We may also take pictures during online focus groups, please see the ‘Photos, filming and digital content’ section below for details on how this information is used and retained.

Photos, filming, and digital content

We capture pictures and videos during tours, events (on and off the Welsh Parliament estate), online focus groups, and during other activity designed to gather people’s views on different issues, and to demonstrate the work that we do to engage the public.

Images and video footage we retain could potentially be used, without context to the event photographed or filmed, to promote the work of the Welsh Parliament and engage with the people of Wales.

We publish images and video content on our website, and on social media channels, it appears in print materials, it may get shown to Members of the Senedd and Welsh Parliament staff as evidence for Welsh Parliament  committee consultations, and it gets shared with media outlets.

Some images and videos captured (particularly those of historic and ongoing business value) may be retained indefinitely and content that we publish into the public domain will remain there. The Welsh Parliament regularly reviews the digital content captured, and will not retain pictures and videos which are unlikely to be of any operational value going forward.

When we capture content from smaller groups or individuals we will seek people’s permission to ensure that those individuals are happy to have their picture taken, or be filmed.   

If you do not want to appear in any pictures or videos, or want to ask a question about how your information will be used, please inform a member of Welsh Parliament staff before, or during the activity, or e-mail

Stakeholder distribution lists 

We manage distribution lists to contact stakeholders such as those working within civic society, the media, and professionals in the education sector on issues relating to our work. These are individuals who we contact in relation to our official functions. We add people to this list having accessed their contact information online, through professional contacts, and having been contacted by those individuals wishing to be added to the list. We review these lists periodically to ensure they are current. From time to time we may share these distribution lists with other departments within the Senedd who support Senedd initiatives.

Subscribing to newsletters

You are able to subscribe to our newsletters online, and in person by attending various activities which we arrange. We use MailChimp to do this. When you subscribe in person leaving your contact details on post cards, we will add them to the relevant mailing list for the newsletter, and a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you.

This information is retained until you unsubscribe, and you can contact us at any time to remove yourself from these distribution lists, and newsletter mailing lists. 

Online surveys - SurveyMonkey

We produce online surveys using SurveyMonkey, which asks people to provide feedback on services, and their opinion on different issues the we're scrutinising.

Responses will be seen by all staff working on the relevant survey or inquiry. A summary report is produced by outlining the findings of the survey which is shared with Members and staff, published on our website, promoted across social media channels, and appears in relevant reports. This may include direct quotes from responses, in which case we will ensure this does not reveal the respondents identity. This information will remain public indefinitely. 

When people complete our surveys via the SurveyMonkey platform, they will be given the choice of opting in to receive updates on the project they have contributed to, and a separate option to opt in for further updates on opportunities to engage with the Senedd on the subject matter (for example health, education, transport) of the project you participated in. 

Survey responses: Survey responses will be removed from SurveyMonkey twelve months after the closing date of the survey. However, it may be necessary to retain survey responses for a longer period on our own systems until any subsequent reporting process has been completed.  

Contact details: We will keep the contact details of those who provide them in order to receive further updates on the specific project they have contributed to until the project has finished (stored on Senedd ICT infrastructure). 

For those who have requested further updates on opportunities to engage with the us on the subject matter (for example health, education, transport) of the project they participated in, their contact details will be retained until you contact us to remove your details and no longer wish to receive updates from us.

SurveyMonkey participates in and has certified its compliance with the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework and Swiss-US Privacy Shield. Details about how SurveyMonkey will use your information is available on their website. 

Online forums

We use third party platforms to facilitate conversation online on different issues the Senedd is scrutinising or to provide feedback on certain matters. 

Depending on the nature of the project and who we are seeking responses from, these forums may be run privately or publicly, and we may choose to moderate responses before they appear on the site. We will outline if the online forum is run openly, and if moderation is in operation for each project.    

If you respond to online forums which are run openly, responses will appear publicly. Anyone is able to participate in open online forums (once they have registered by creating a user name and provided their email address). Anyone will be able to see your contributions in open online forums, regardless of whether they have registered to the site or not. 

When responding to closed forum, only other people who have been invited to participate can see your contribution and are able to participate. 

We may use the information you provide to produce a summary report outlining the main themes, which is shared with Members and staff, and published on our website, promoted across social media channels, and appear in relevant reports. We may also respond to and communicate with you about your ideas, questions and comments. This information will remain public indefinitely.

The information collated will be removed from these sites six months after the closing date for responses. We will keep the contact details of those who have registered on the site on Senedd ICT infrastructure to provide updates on the project you have participated in, and to draw you attention to other opportunities to engage with the Senedd on the subject matter which you had engaged with us on this occasion.  You may unsubscribe at any time. 

For details about Loomio's security:

For details about Loomio's privacy:

For details about Delib's privacy and security:

Youth Parliament

We collect information from young people who want to register to vote, and stand as candidates at the Welsh Youth Parliament (WYP) election. To manage this, we use a third party platform called miVoice.  

For more information on how we process data relating to voter registration and candidate nomination for WYP elections, please see the full privacy notices on the website. 

We also work with official WYP partner organisations who return 20 WYP Members. To select these partner organisations, we run an application process, for which we will retain the submissions made by organisations applying until the end of the end of the WYP term (May 2021).

We will also keep information relating to the returned candidates and relevant election process operated by partner organisations until the end of the WYP term in May 2021.  

The Youth Parliament website is built using the Squarespace platform. Details about Squarespace's Terms of Service.

Engaging with us on social media 

We use social media platforms as a key part of our public engagement work. 

As well as using these platforms to put out information for awareness raising purposes, we encourage interactions, particularly those that can be fed into parliamentary scrutiny. When this is the case, we will ensure it is made clear that your comments will be used to feed into the Senedd's scrutiny work. In those instances, your responses to our social media posts (including your name/handle) could be passed on to staff and Members, and could appear in reports and other materials published on the Senedd's website and social media accounts.

Content includes, but is not restricted to, images, videos (live and archive), infographics and animations. The platforms we use include, but are not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, SnapChat, Wordpress and LinkedIn. See those individual platforms privacy notices for details about how they will use your information.

If you share our content through social media, for example by liking us on Facebook, following or tweeting about us on Twitter, those social networks will record that you have done so and may set a cookie for this purpose.  By using those platforms you are agreeing to their terms of service.

In order to manage our social media interactions we use the following third party providers:

If you send us a private or direct message via social media the message will be stored by Hootsuite for three months. It will not be shared with any other organisations.  For more information, please see Hootsuite's Privacy Policy on how they process your data.

If you send us a private or direct message via social media the message will be stored by Orlo. It will not be shared with any other organisations.  For more information, please see Orlo's Privacy Policy and their Terms and Conditions.


If you contact us via the website for the purposes of registration, email subscriptions, and other engagement activities, your information will only be used for those purposes. Details about information gathered through our website is available in the Senedd's central privacy notice.

Your rights

You have certain rights over the information we hold. These include: the right to see the information; to correct it; to have it erased; if it is inaccurate; to have it removed; and to limit our use of it. Not all of these rights will apply in all instances. 

If you would like to: engage any of the rights that you have under data protection legislation; ask a question; or make a complaint about how your information is used; please contact the Senedd's Data Protection Officer. Contact details above.

You can also make a complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) if you believe we have not used your information in line with the law. The ICO’s contact details can be found on their website

Requests for information made to the Commission 

In the event of a request for information being made under access to information legislation, it may be necessary to disclose all or part of the information that you provide. This may include information which has previously been removed by the Senedd for publication purposes. We will only do this if we are required to do so by law.

Changes to this privacy notice

If this privacy policy changes in any way, we will place an updated version on this page. Visit this page regularly to ensure that you are aware of what information we collect, how we use it and under what circumstances, if any, we will share it with other parties. Paper copies of the privacy notice may also be obtained from the Data Protection Officer.