Media pass requests

The Senedd is the centre of public life in Wales and the decisions made by its elected members affect everyone in Wales. It is important its work is scrutinised, and that Members and political groups are held to account by a robust and independent media.

Space in the media lobby is extremely limited, however, media passes may still be issued to journalists wishing to cover Senedd proceedings.

Please contact the news team to discuss a request for a pass. Unfortunately, not all requests are approved.

If a request is approved by the news team it is passed on to the Senedd vetting department which will require the applicant to complete a series of forms to allow a thorough security check.

Vetting can take anything up to 2-3 weeks before a final decision is made.

New passholders will be offered a tour of the building and facilities by the news team to help them find their way around.

Please note: a media pass is assigned to an individual, not a media organisation. If the individual leaves that company, the pass will be revoked. A replacement can be named but will be subject to the same vetting procedures.

Temporary passes covering short-term placements or replacements can be arranged.