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Paul Davies MS

Paul Davies MS

Senedd Constituency Member

Welsh Conservative Party

Welsh Conservative Party Group

Preseli Pembrokeshire

My Senedd Activities

Will the Minister confirm how much funding the Welsh Government has allocated to autism services in Pembrokeshire for this financial year?

Tabled on 13/10/2021

What meetings has the Minister had with autism organisations and groups from Pembrokeshire in the Sixth Senedd?

Tabled on 13/10/2021

Further to WQ83440 and WQ83441, what is the timescale for the introduction of management measures for seabird and fishery interactions in marine protected areas?

Tabled on 12/10/2021

What is the Welsh Government doing to support the economy in Pembrokeshire?

Tabled on 07/10/2021

What is the Welsh Government doing to prioritise and invest in diabetes prevention and care?

Tabled on 06/10/2021

When will the Welsh Government's new cross government innovation strategy be published and/or issued for consultation?

Tabled on 06/10/2021

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Key interests and achievements

Paul is a prolific campaigner for the autism community in Wales and brought forward draft legislation on an Autism Act for Wales, which whilst wasn’t passed by the Senedd, resulted in significant statutory changes to autism provision in Wales. Paul is also the leading figure of the campaign to better preserve and protect War Memorials in Wales and regularly raises this issue in the Senedd Chamber.

Personal history

Paul was born in 1969 and grew up in Pontsian just outside Llandysul in the County of Ceredigion. He attended Tregroes Primary School, Llandysul Grammar School and after studying his A Levels at Newcastle Emlyn Comprehensive School, he joined Lloyds Bank in 1987.

Professional background

Prior to being elected, Paul continued to be employed by Lloyds Bank and his last role with the company was as a Business Manager based in Haverfordwest helping to support small businesses.

Political history

In February 2000, Paul fought the Ceredigion Parliamentary by-election and improved the Welsh Conservative Party's position from fifth place in the previous election to third. He also stood in the 2001 general election as the Parliamentary candidate for Ceredigion. In 2003, Paul stood for the Welsh Conservatives in Preseli Pembrokeshire at the Assembly election and increased his party’s share of the vote from 23% to 30%. In May 2007, Paul was elected as the Welsh Conservative Assembly Member for Preseli Pembrokeshire, with 38.6% of the vote and a majority of 3,205. Following the election, Paul was appointed Shadow Minister for Culture, the Welsh Language and Sport and later appointed Shadow Minister for Education and the Welsh Language. At the Assembly’s 2011 elections, Paul was re-elected and increased his share of the vote to 42.4%. He was appointed as Interim Leader of the Welsh Conservative Assembly Group and later appointed Deputy Leader of the Welsh Conservative Assembly Group and Shadow Minister for Finance. In 2016, Paul was re-elected, increasing his majority to 3,930. He continued as Deputy Leader of the Welsh Conservative Group, Business Manager and Chief Whip as well as becoming the Welsh Conservative spokesperson on Rural Affairs. In September 2018, Paul was elected as the Leader of the Welsh Conservatives in the Senedd, a position he held until 2021. At the Senedd elections in 2021, Paul was again re-elected with a majority of 1,400.


Terms of office

  1. 04/05/2007 - 31/03/2011
  2. 06/05/2011 - 05/04/2016
  3. 06/05/2016 - 28/04/2021
  4. 08/05/2021 -

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