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Good point.

Finance Committee | 29/09/2022

Yes. Thanks for that. Sorry, Chair, for going off-piste. Only one last question, Minister. I just wondered how is the work undertaken on the life-cycle-analysis-informed costs associated...

Finance Committee | 29/09/2022

I hope you don't extend it into agriculture too quickly, because silage wrap is a disposable plastic that is used once, but we couldn't do the farming operation without it. But I'm sure t...

Finance Committee | 29/09/2022

One of the—. Just off-piste a bit, one of the areas I immediately came to think about was some of our live sporting events and things like that, where, for health and safety grounds, we n...

Finance Committee | 29/09/2022

Good afternoon, Minister. The impact assessment is based on the analysis of banning nine products, whereas the Bill talks about 11 products. Are you happy that the RIA has adequately refl...

Finance Committee | 29/09/2022

Thank you.

Finance Committee | 29/09/2022

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Peter Fox is the Member of the Senedd for Monmouth and the Welsh Conservative’s Shadow Minister for Finance. His 13-year term as Leader of Monmouthshire County Council also saw him play an instrumental role in negotiating and securing the UK’s biggest city deal - worth £1.3 billion - for the Cardiff Capital Region, for which he was subsequently awarded an OBE. Mr Fox is also a livestock farmer in Monmouthshire.

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