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Sarah Murphy MS

Sarah Murphy MS

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How is the Welsh Government engaging with Welsh Water to reduce daily household usage of water?

Tabled on 26/09/2022

What assessment has the Minister made of the impact of the deployment of live facial recognition by South Wales Police on the right to privacy?

Tabled on 23/09/2022

What assessment has the Minister made of the discriminatory impact of facial recognition technology as used by South Wales Police on women and ethnic minorities?

Tabled on 23/09/2022

I want to start by also thanking my colleagues, the Chair and the clerks on the Equality and Social Justice Committee for their work on this vital and timely 'Fuel poverty and the Warm Ho...

Plenary | 21/09/2022

Okay. Great. My final question is around modelling. What modelling has been done on the potential demand over the winter period? What is it showing? What are the trigger levels in terms o...

Health and Social Care Committee | 21/09/2022

Thank you. Is more funding going to be given to the health boards to create more of these step-down beds, and when do you expect them to become available? Because, again, when I asked my...

Health and Social Care Committee | 21/09/2022

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Key interests and achievements

Sarah is committed to digital rights and democracy, and developing environmental policies for a greener Wales.  Prior to being elected, Sarah was the Chair of Sustainable Wales, a charity based in Porthcawl that supports community-based sustainable development. In 2020, she produced the webinar series “Circular Economy: A Design For Life" attended by leading experts from across Wales and the UK. In March 2020, Murphy founded the Bridgend Coronavirus Support Group that has approximately 12,000 members and has raised money for Bridgend Foodbank and Splice Child and Family in Pyle.

Personal history

Murphy lives in Bridgend with her partner.

Professional background

After graduating, Sarah moved to Seoul, South Korea to teach English. She has worked in London for a global property development company. In 2016, she graduated from the School of Journalism, Media & Communication at Cardiff University with an MA Distinction in Digital Media & Society. Sarah was awarded a scholarship from Cardiff University and a grant from the Leathersellers’ Company Charitable Fund to carry out her studies.  Between 2019-2021, Sarah focused on her social welfare and big data research, primarily for the Data Justice Lab at Cardiff University. She researches UK and international governments use of big data and algorithmic-design for public services – with a focus on identifying potential data harms and discrimination against children and families. Her most recent research project investigated data-driven workplace surveillance.

Political history

Sarah Murphy was the Head of Events for Welsh Labour between 2009-2012. In 2017, as the Research Analyst for Lee Waters AM, she developed and implemented the first opensource, online crowdsourcing platform for a Welsh Assembly Member. Following the 2017 General Election, she was appointed as the Senior Communications Manager to Anna McMorrin MP, and then the Senior Advisor to the Shadow Secretary of State for Wales.  Sarah was elected as the Welsh Labour Member of the Senedd (MS) for the Bridgend constituency at the 2021 elections with a majority of 4,064 .She is the only woman to have won a seat previously held by a man during this election, replacing former First Minister Carwyn Jones, who decided not to stand for re-election.

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